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[ Suggestions ] Izuna Uchiha New PLAYERS NEED HELP


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How does OASIS Games expect new players to get IZUNA UCHIHA and on the 2nd day of the 7 days of welfare event we have to open 10 seals in the hokage treasure and it is only unlocked level 60 or 70 and for example on my server 1292 brotherhood which has been playing just under 2 weeks since its opening and nobody has so far reached level 60 and then comes this event that the great OASIS GAMES decided not to think about new players but thinking of new players While thankfully OASIS GAMES does not support new players it may be that in a few years their community will decline due to the discontent OASIS has been giving over the years.

If you do well, you can see that the new players only got 75/80 from MAGNIFICENT IZUNA UCHIHA that should have been loosed with 80 frags in the mailbox as it was in CHINES but NOT here and OASIS Nort AMERICA GAMES GOOD WORK THINKING IN THE NEW OASIS PLAYERS YOU ARE CONGRATULATING FOR YOUR MAGNIFICENT PERFORMANCE !!

if tomorrow in the 7 days of welfare event will give 5 more frags because of this in the beginner players we will only be 75/80


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oh and just in case you did not do the math unless izuna fragments are given on day 7 you will only get 75 frags and he takes 80 to recruit

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Hi there!

I understand your frustration of not being able to draw in certain treasures and get those 5 frags but please do not stress upon this. There is still one day left of 7 Days of Welfare and there will also be future opportunities to obtain Izuna's Fragments!

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