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[ Events ] Decisive bonds


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Ok. What the hell is this!? Today I've literally spent 1,5h waiting to be matched in a team with someone. No luck. For the past 3 days I managed to get whole 2 battles (!). Is this thing cross-server or what. In 3v3 you can at least be put in a team from different server. But here?

That's not the issue though. The issue is that it is REQUIRED to unlock nature cultivation in mains. How am I supposed to do that if this **** is dead?

Either make the matching cross-server or switch requirements to something more obtainable like Team Instances or Strong Approaching. Or make it so that the players can switch requirements (for like 100 coupons for example).

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Well, no one goes solo to DB. Everyone pairs up with someone before. You can't bond with yourself

Also, now in 3v3 you must be teamed up with someone from your server, in order to start matchmaking.

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