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[ Help ] Star Levels affecting growth value stats?


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TRUE EDIT: Ignore this thread. I got really confused as to how stats were organized in this game when descriptions said "base stats" and the character infos through ranking showed the two different numbers e.g. 3320 + 8556 where I thought the first is the "base stat" and the second number are your lineup stat additions. Sorry ya'll. Have fun!

Hello all!

Quick question: in a different forum someone pointed out that the star level bonus affects both the growth value stats and your regular stats. I want to ask if this is really the case since in the game it doesn't seem to say so right off the bat, and if so would this mean that it is in fact better to upgrade the stars of a ninja first before leveling and awakening them?


EDIT: I might've figured it out just now so I'm posting what I think my solution is:

atew (2)

base stat + added stats

base stat:

- Cultivation bonus + (current stat value * (1 + mood growth value)) + awakening bonus

Added stats:

- Upgrade Stars: base stat * (1 + (star bonus value))

- As far as I know all the other stat-increasing systems the game has

Awakening for growth stats (except HP I think): current stat value * (1 + (stat growth value / 100000)) = next level's stat value

[ If anyone can figure out the HP part that'd be great ]

Features that affect the base stat:

- Upgrade Level

- Cultivate

- Awaken

- Mood

Features which are affected by the base stat:

- Upgrade Stars

Features independent of base stat: pretty much everything else unless I'm missing something

TL-DR: I don't believe the upgrade stars bonus affects the base stat directly but does use the base stat to calculate how much its bonus should be.

But now I really do have another question I can't seem to figure out. I compared the stats of a 2-star and 3-star Tayuya (each on different servers) and got a stark difference in power that I don't believe just a star level difference covers. 2-star is at 2095 while 3-star is at 5773. And they both have the same mood settings, both are at the same awakening and level, and neither of them are in an active team. So what's the cause of their stark difference in power?

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