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[ Lineup ] Gaara [Fifth Kazekage] breakthrough lineups


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  • Yellow__Flash On 2020-06-21 19:49:42
  • Is there a team with Kushina full bt and Gaara 5th Kazekage full bt?

seriously?your account is not new, and even if you started a new account in a new server, log in for 5 seconds and you will see dozens of them.

you c*e any main and literally any 4th character with kushi and gaara, it doesnt matter. If you use this combo, they are not parts of your team, the ARE your team, the other charactrers dont matter, they are just fodder while gaara and kushi self heal and stack their way to victory.

if you face someone running kushi with more power you lose, if you face someone not using kushi, regardles of their power, you win, simple as that.

Think of this reply as "salty" if you wish, but it doesnt change that it is also true, throw any random characters with gaara/kushi, set it to auto and leave your computer, your presence is no longer needed. Your only 2 characters that matter can either stand there and tank to a "win " by default over 10 rounds or they cant, auto or manual makes no difference, timing makes no difference, when people use this combo everyone loses

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