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[ Bugs ] Random Fireword Gift Pack


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Random Fireword Gift Pack

This is proof that there are 2 kinds of Random Fireword Gift Pack

Fireword type 1Fireword type 1

This are drops from the first type of pack which we got on day 1 of the event. I am meant to have a third picture which has the worst drops I got from these with 2 soaring and 3 leap sky fireworks.

Fireword type 2Fireword type 2Fireword type 2

These are the drops I have gotten from second type of pack which are the current packs

All the packs used are all earned for free and are not gained from Anniversary Fireworks Gift Pack

I would like an explanation for the 2 types of packs as there is a difference at a glance. I don't have enough data but for sure it already looks weird.

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Firework 1

More Type 1

Firework 2

And type 2

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