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No More Breakthroughs


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I'll see a ninja and be like "Hey, is that ninja paralized?" Then I get super pisssed when I get comboed to death,

because it turns out that ninja was just breakthrough'd.

Plus, the breakthroughs ruin a lot of ninja's looks. Especially masked man. Imagine that blue chakra and lightning ruining his super cool black clock look.

We dont get weird things like that when ninjas get to 4 or 5 stars. So it'd be nice if it could be changed to something else, to let us know there is a breakthroough.

Something that's cool, but doesnt ruin the outfit. Like a red name or something.


I'd honestly love breakthroughs if we could change the graphics to something lieke that. Or just get rid of the extra graphic altogether.

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I mean the paralyze has a very specific animation. Which is very different than the skill breakthrough indication.

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Wow, thanks for responding. I was real upset cuz i thought no one was taking me seriously.

Yes, of course they have their own animations, they are very slightly different. When there's multiple statuses, and the breakthrouhg itself has lightning, its really hard to tell. I get confused all the time.

Plus, it just doesnt look cool. For anyone who thinks I'm not being serious, I'm dead serious about this. I hadbreakthroughable ninja for a yeear, that ididnt breakthroough just because of this. I finaally caved in and started breaking through ninja i dont used for my main teams. but i still dont breakthrough main team ninja because of this.

wait till every ninja has a breakthrough. you'll be fuudging up lefft and right. Shizuka wont look as cool as she used to. I can't be the only one who feels this way.

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When you are under paralysis your ninjas are also more blue, there's not only the lightnings that surround you.

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I agree, this effect should be removed but the breakthrough feature itself should stay ofc

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looks cool for ay(4th)

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  • kja12 On 2019-07-16 17:54:24
  • I agree, this effect should be removed but the breakthrough feature itself should stay ofc

ummm how to deltee my ocomment?

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  • kja12 On 2019.07.16
  • I agree, this effect should be removed but the breakthrough feature itself should stay ofc

aye bro! yeah homie, im glad to see im not the only one bothered by this! Everyone is gonna be upset once breakthrough hits more ninja,

And to the patrick star muuufuu , yeah it looks cool on 2-3 ninja. but for the rest 15+ ninja. it looks awful. Its too loud for edo deidara. and I dont like it on kurenai. her color scheme is too loud for it

Dont get me wrong. Its a cool effect, but its not the type type of of effect that should be displayed consstantly on every ninja.

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