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[ Events ] Plan Your Own Weekly Events – 3rd Year Anniversary Event!


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1. "Great Plates"- (Kushina[red hot blooded habanero], Itachi[edo tensei], Kisame[fusion mode], mood scroll,seal scroll, myoboku training)

2. "Mission General Mobilization"- (Naruto[sage of the six paths], Konan[angel of god], cave keys, command flags , mood scrolls, summer break cloth, myoboku training optional packs, charm packs)

3. "Sakura's Gift"- ( Itachi[edo tensei], seal scroll, mood scrolls, myoboku packs, command flag, advanced refine,Madara[great ninja war])

4. "Myoboku trial"- (log in rewards: This is youth cloth)

The reason: well after realising breakthroughs for kushina we need her fragments at first to make her 4 stars and then to get enough fragments for books so i think we need her more in events, itachi the best support ninja and i think hes must in game so would be nice to have him often, and of course everyone needs power items and cloths.

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1. "Fukurokumaru's Deals" (20k, gold essence, charms pack, cave key gift pack, myoboku optional pack, summoning contract optional pack, Susanoo Kakashi *80)

2. "Colourful Balloons" (explosive heart pack, ay 4th raikage, naruto sosp)

3. "Konoha's Great Tree" (charms pack, kimono itachi, summer break)

4. "Lucky Board" (optional refine runes pack, habenero kushina, edo minato)

5. "Time-Limited Charm Rebate"

6. "Myoboku Trial" (sage naruto skillbooks for daily login, summer ino in wheel of offering)

7. "Great Plates" (kazekage gaara, taisho tsunade)

8. "Daily Recharge Rebate" (ninja assist cultivation packs, flag fragments, young adult konan)


- Fukurokumaru's Deals encourages spending amongst players, and provides good rewards for f2p and p2p players alike, which makes it a favourable event in the eyes of players. Furthermore, many p2p players would have recently stored up a large amount of coupons due to the release of Naruto's Froggy this past week. Fukurokumaru's Deals provides them an outlet to spend these coupons. Susanoo Kakashi has been included because players seem to like ninjas in Fuku's deal. he is a valuable ninja that's worth the 20k rebate, but at the same time not heavily meta enough that giving him to players won't drastically change the current play style.

- Colourful Ballons is targeted at the p2p players who recharged ingots in the past week via Platinum Recharge. These players get an opportunity to spend their ingots to receive rewards from both the Balloons event and Fuku's Deals event.

- Fuku's Deals requires good events to spend in, and Konoha's Great Tree is one such event. Players have also been requesting for Kimono Itachi to be available through event shops, and consequently it is a good idea that they can purchase him from this event. Charms Packs are included in the shop because many players often request it, and because it will be an event for players to get materials to participate in the Charms Rebate in the same week (see: event #5)

- Lucky Board is another event that players like to spend on. However, the rewards on the board will have to be adjusted for players to receive more value for their spending.

- Charms Rebate is listed here simply because it has not appeared in the cycle for a good number of weeks (past it's usual once-a-month schedule) and players are impatient to spend their Charms materials.

- Myoboku Trial is listed here for the benefit of f2p players who wish to participate in Fuku's Deals, but fall short of a required amount of coupons. Naturally, they haven't bought Naruto's Froggy either. This event provides a small boost in coupons for players to reach their targeted goal in the other spending events. Sage Naruto Skillbooks have been requested, because players desire variety with ninjas in the game and Sage Naruto is a relatively cheap ninja to give skillbooks for

- Great Plates: This plays off the Colourful Balloons event, which also requires players to complete some dailies to be able to gain keys/chances to pop balloons.

- Daily Recharge Rebate encourages players to recharge in small amounts. Naruto's Froggy is still available for purchase on anniversary week; for those who haven't bought Froggy but realise that they might need more coupons to reach a certain goal in Fuku's Deals, this rebate provide the incentive they need to recharge a bit more for Froggy. It also allows players to spend the recharged ingots to gain points in Colourful Balloons so that they can redeem an item that they didnt not have enough points for.

Overall, these events work to maximize the amount spending that can be enjoyed by all players and the value of the rewards they receive, in exchange for for simple non-tedious tasks, because I believe celebrating anniversary through spending and having good deals is the most enjoyable for all players. There is a balanced number of events that cater to f2p and p2p alike. 3 out of the 8 events provide easy daily tasks that overlap so that it does not get monotonous. There are 3 rebates, 2 to promote big spending this week (taking advantage of the playerbase's high spirits for anniversary) and 1 to enable recharging in case they overspend. At the same time, ninjas (kimono itachi, sosp) and items (charms, refines) that are in high demand by the playerbase are made available.

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1. Fuku Deals (20-25k milestone, Edo Itachi and usual power items)
2. Charm Rebate
3. Fateful Choice (Sosp Naruto/Rinne Sasuke)
4. Anniversary Red Envelope
5. Konoha Outlet
6. Refine Rebate
7. Any kind of recharge rebate i dont mind
8. Naruto's Birthday Party (I dont mind anything in the event)
Reason: Im just trying to follow the pattern of the event cycles and hopefully these would be the best for the anniversary

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I don't mind any combination of the well known regular events... but let's not forget about Naruto's Birthday event, also to put the packs with *80 sasuke suit/sakura cloak frags for low price so new players can have a chance to get their own sakura/sasuke 5*.

Also release sakura cloak's skill trial to complement this, we got sasuke's long ago, but not getting sakura's at this point yet is beyond my understanding.

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1) Sakura's gift ( GNW madara redeemable first time on the anniversary would be nice, some players are waiting for him )

2) Great plates ( full of decent power stuff )

3) Mt. Myoboku trial ( free coupons is always nice )

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i dont want to decide on that but want to decide on daily practice activities or events.

Friday is too busy, so tired. why ?

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1、"Sakura's Gift"((Naruto[Sage of the Six Path]))

2、"Missions General Mobilization" ((Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

6、 "Fateful Choice" ( (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path]) )

7、"Battle Armor Panic Buy"

8、"Treasure of the Sage" ((Naruto[Sage of the Six Path]))

The Reason: all the thing i can think is Naruto sosp fragment xD

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1. fuku deals to 25k max with good items and maybe a nice ninja for anniversary.

2.Extend Mega carnival to next week as well to have better power items for fuku deals.

3.Mt. Myoboku Trials because everyone just wants this event.

4. Sakuras Gift with command flag packs and explosive heart gift packs.

5.Charm rebate

with this line up it should least make part of next weeks events great. And i dont need a reward please just make this happen.

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30k fukurokumaru's deals with guy's 8th gate because hes soooooo cool

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1 - "Great plates" - 4 Kushina frags, 2 Shisui frags, 1 gnw obito frag with power items as well

2 - "Myoboku Trial login reward" - Duy Might

3 - "Missions General Mobilisation" - 6p naruto

4 - "Konohas Great Tree" - Kushina

5 - "Lucky Board" - Gamakiri

The Reason: These events are loved by many players and are the most rewarding events within the game

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1. "Lucky Board" (Madara Uchiha [Five Kage Summit])

2. "Time-limited Ninja Recruitment"(Naruto [Sage of six path])

3. "Battle Armor Rebate"

4. "Fukurokumaru rebate" (20000 milestone)

The Reason:

- I haven't seen Madara FKS in recruitable event with Fuku rebate for a long time, I need him. Why is he in Lucky Board ? I think it's the best way to get him.

- About Time-limited ninja recruitment has Naruto 6 path fragment, his price in there seem cheaper than another event so I want it.

- Battle armor rebate ? Just some power up.

- Fuku rebate : because I just have 20k coupon right now.

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1. Fuku deals

Reason: people will recharge and f2p c*so benefit

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1-Fukorama deal - 25k reward adv ninja pack

2-Sakura ( ninja put ronin naruto inside price range 16k-25k )

3- Myoboku Trial

4- Charm rebate

5-Lucky Board ( ninjas konan , ronin naruto ... )

6- battle armor

7-great plates

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1、"Total Recharge Rebate"(God Advanced Ninja Optional Pack = 80 Fragments Kakuzu [Earth Grudge], Killer Bee [8 Tails Jinchuuriki], Tobirama Senju [Edo Tensei], Minato [Edo Tensei], Kushina [Red Hot-Blooded Habanero], Naruto [SoSp], Sasuke [Rinne Sharingan] , Itachi [Edo Tensei] *The optional pack i just made out of my imagination dont know if it is actually possible*)

2、"Myoboku Trail" ( Overall would be nice to get free cp for the fuku deals, what might let people right there respective milestones )

3、"Fukurokumaru's Deals "(25k, Deluxe Ninja Optional Pack (Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear] *100 Minato Namikaze [Edo Tensei] *80 Naruto [Sage of the Six Paths] *80 Sasuke [Rinne Sharingan] *80 Ay [The Fourth Raikage] *40 Sasuke Uchiha [Susano’o] *40))

4、"Anniversary Red Envelope"( Because Anniversary)

5、"Mega Carnival"

6、 "Konoha Great Tree"

7、"Shinobi Feast"

8、"Great Plates"

The Reason: Great synergy between recharging and spending what would entice many spenders to recharge and maybe more then what they usually do

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1. Fukurokumaru's deals ( 15k spend will grant you a shisui and the usually rewards) (you could put sometimes naruto's froggy with fuku deals, because if i like the fuku deal but i don't have the coupons i would buy the froggy without thinking, and i'm sure i'm not the only one)

2. Mount Myoboku Trial

3. Battle Armour Panic Buy ( with the rebate)

4. Konoha's Tree ( Hana style)

5. Sakura's Gift ( Ninja Assist Optional Packs)

6. Mega Carnival ( extend it this week too)

7. Lucky Board ( Naruto Sage of the Six Paths)

8. Great Plates ( Potions / Kushina / Kisame Fusion Mode / Myoboku Gifts/Grasps/Training [any])

The Reason: Those are my favorite events, always good to spend. I would like the battle armour one just because i want to level it up, but a lot of peoaple probably don't. And try sometimes to put fuku deal with naruto's froggy in the same week, i mentioned up there why :)

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1. "Total Recharge Rebate"(Naruto [Sage of Six Paths] - 25K Recharge)

2. "Total Spending Rebate" (Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Mode - 25K Spending)

3. "Fukurokumaru's Rebate" (Tsunade [Hokage]- 20K Spending)

4. "Red Envelopes"

5. "Shinobi Feast" (Itachi [Kimono]*80, Explosive Heart Gift Packs*5, Training Potions*5)

6. "Lucky Stars Wheel" (Kushina [Red Hot Habanero], Madara [Five Kage Conference], Itachi [Edo Tensei], Explosive Heart Gift Pack, Soaring Youth [Outfit], Command Flag Fragments *5,

7. "Mt. Myoboku Training" (Gaara [Fifth Kazekage] Skillbooks)

8. "Lucky Board" (Madara [Five Kage Conference], Tsunade [Hokage], Hot-Blooded Sports Game [Outfit], Jingle Bells [Outfit], Training Potions*10, Command Flag Fragments*5

The Reason: I wanted to give a balance for those who want to recharge/spend the amount to get Naruto [Sage of Six Paths] and/or Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear], and benefit by having as much of a return with Shinobi Feast and Red Envelope. On top of the recharge return, players may also spend the ingots to get Kakuzu, and everyone can spend their ingots/coupons towards Tsunade [Hokage], as she has not been out for a long period of time. Lastly, there are 2 events where you can spend it on, Lucky Board and Lucky Stars Wheel.

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1、"Total Spending Rebate" (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

2、"Missions General Mobilization" (Madara Uchiha [Five Kage Summit])

3、"Treasure of the Sage"

4、"Wishing Lanterns"

5、 "Myoboku Trial"

The Reason: Wishing Lanterns and Myoboku is always good (everone love coupon event). Total spending is always a good (Gain something while spending at other events). Missions General Mobilization is a good one too for farm Ninja Fragments (and has been some time Madara 5k dont come in events).

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1.Lucky Board (Shisui,Edo Itachi)

2.Fuku deals(Power focused)

3.Great Plates(Kushina Habanero,Samui Swimsuit,Kisame Samehada Fusion Mode)

4.Myoboku Trial

5.Wishing Laterns

6.Red Envelope

7.Lucky Wheel(Edo Tobirama)

8.Daily Recharge rebate

The Reason: I feel like you should bring more f2p events because it's anniversary so people can enjoy more of this while doing their own daily things

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1、"Great Plates"(Kushina Uzumaki[Red Hot-Blooded Habanero] and Konan [Angel of God] as milestone reward)

2、"Sakura's Gift"(Kushina Uzumaki[Red Hot-Blooded Habanero])

3、"Lucky Board"(Minato Namikaze[Edo Tensei] OR Kushina Uzumaki[Red Hot-Blooded Habanero])

4、"Fukurokumaru's Deals"(Minato Namikaze[Edo Tensei] OR Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear])

5、"Red Envelope"

6、"Charm Rebate"

7、"Lucky Stars Wheel"(Madara Uchiha[Five Kage Summit] as Jackpot)

Reason: I'm almost done with Kushina and I wanted to start on other Event ninjas aside from the usual Naruto[Sage of the Six Path]

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