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[ Events ] Plan Your Own Weekly Events – 3rd Year Anniversary Event!


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1、"Furukumaru's Deals" (Command Flag)

2、"Total Spending Rebate" (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

3、"Sakura's Gift"(Training Potion)

4、"3v3 Arena"(Samui[Swimsuit])

5、"Shinobi Feast"

6、 "Fateful Choice"

7、"Great Plates"

8、"Myoboku Trial" (Any new Breakthrough)

The Reason: In anniversarys games usually give, and the best gift to give in naruto online is coupons and by extension ninja fragments. These are my favorite coupon events and there's something for everyone just in case people already have those ninjas. Whatever else is up to you since I'm not that good with the meta.

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  • RenjiAsuka On 2019-07-15 17:33:22
  • 1. Great Plates (Killer Bee 8 Tails Jinchuriki, Roshi Edo Tensei, Yagura Edo Tensei)

    2. Fukurokumaru Rebate (Power focused)

    3. Fateful Choice (Naruto Sage of Six Paths, Sasuke Rinnesharingan)

    4. Treasure of the Sage (To add in Adv Vial of Protection, and Adv Vials for a cheaper cost)

    5. Myboku Trial (Shizuka Nadeshiko or Edo Yugito)

    Reasoning: Great Plates has always been a more of less decent event, maybe by adding some lesser used ninjas, people may find Great Plates a bit more exciting (provided there is some slightly higher frags given). And this event pairs up well for those who want power with Fukurokumaru's Rebate and Treasure of the Sage to let players get more Adv Vials and the Protection Vials for the skillbreaks that players may want, or they could even want other power items. Fateful Choice for those who want Naruto or Sasuke, creating a great way to incentive players into spending their coupons. Then to top it off with a Myoboku Trial offering a bit of assistance to players who want to 4* Shizuka, and if that isn't possible, could always give players Edo Yugito to recruit as a thank you for staying around for 3 years. ^-^ Also no idea why it won't format correctly on my info :c

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+1 for this. Also great to see the 30k power focused Fuku deals for 3rd time knowing the treasured tools and rune stones got new caps. Will be glad to see this happen.

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1. Fukurokumaru Deals (20k, Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear])

2. Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear] Skill Experiment unlocked. Not really an event, but you guys get the idea.

3. Shinobi Feast (80x GNW Madara, 3x Kakuzu packs. Naruto [Sage Mode] skillbooks for arena wins)

4. Great Plates (Kushina Habanero, Edo Deidara, Might Duy frags for spinning).

5. Konoha Outlets

6. Charms Rebate

7. Mega Carnival (extended for the anniversary week).

8. Myoboku Trial (Naruto [Sage Mode] Skillbooks).

The Reason: Make skillbroken Kakuzu available to bigger part of the playerbase by giving his fragments in Fukurokumaru Deals to help players piece him together or 4 star him, and adding his skill experiment, of course. Charms rebate was being delayed due to Cave Key rebate being extended, and it should come next week. Outlets should go hand in hand with Charms Rebate. Mega Carnival offers a good deal when combined with Fukurokumaru Deals, it would be a shame if it werent extended. Great plates is a nice F2P event overall, and the fragments mentioned are for the ninjas that that need to be 4* for skillbooks/skill experiment. Also, players should be able to finish Might Duy, since the latest 3v3 arena only gave out 70 of his fragments. Naruto [Sage Mode] is one of those ninjas, its not worth to spend advanced vials on, imo. His skillbreaks are not at all gamechanging, so it would be nice, if his skillbooks would be given away for free in events, like Myoboku Trial & Shinobi Feast.

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1. "Sakura's Gift" (Ninja Assist Optional Pack, Ninja Assist Cultivation Pack, Group Purchase Cursed Charm Pack, Myoboku Optional Pack)

2. "Fukurokumaru Deals" (Power Oriented & 20k Maksimum spend. More Treasure Tools Ultimate Essence, Charms, Breakthrough Pills, Command Flags, Training Potions, lvl 7 Magatama)

3. "Time Limited Shop" (extend the time period)

4. "Colourful Balloons" (Ninja Assist Optional Pack, Ninja Assist Cultivation Pack, Training Potion, Command Flags)

The Reason: Colourful Balloons are great event to support NO 3rd Anniv, with the main event is Fuku, Sakura gift, & Time limited shop are more beneficial for global player. Not only P2W that may charging to maximize, but also F2P that always hungry for power.

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Your comments are being deleted because they do not belong to this thread. We are allowing only event entries to be posted here, I'm sorry.

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1 Myoboku trial (command flag fragments)

2 Great plates

3 Missions General Mobilization(training potions/myoboku gifts/myoboku oil)

4 Fuku deals(summon reward)

5 Sakura Gift(myoboku pack, assist ninja pack)

6 Recharge rebate

7 Spending rebate

8 Time Limited Shop(extended time period)

Reason: a set of events to satisfy everyone , both f2p and p2w.

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1、Myoboku Trial login reward
(Minato Jonin,Sakura Christmas or Nagato Edo)

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nagato edo tensei would be nice in shinobi feast or myoboku trial

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1、"Fukurokumaru's Deals"(25k max milestone with power items like training potions,gold essence, charm packs and advanced refine packs, and as ninja i think a good choice would be Naruto[Sage of Six Paths] because he never was on here before.)

2、"Konoha Great Tree" (Itachi[Edo Tensei],hana style fragments,Explosive Heart Gift Pack,Kushina[Red Hot-Blooded Habanero],Ninja Assist Optional Pack and the flag back on the 1k milestone.)

3、"Charm Rebate"

4、"Myobouku Trial"(Coupons,cave keys and training potions)

5、"Total Recharge Rebate"(The release of Shisui[Kimono] and as power items gold essence,advanced refine packs,training potions,charm packs and the flag)

6、 "Fateful Choice"(Naruto[Sage of Six Paths] and Sasuke[Rinnegan])

7、"Lucky Board"(Konan[Angel of God],Shisui[Kotoamatsukami],refine optional packs and ninja assist optional pack)

8、"Sakura's Gift"(Ninja assist optional pack,Tobirama[Edo Tensei],Explosive Heart Gift Pack,charm optional pack)

The Reason: Fuku Deals is in a good synergy with Konoha's Great Tree and i think this will help every type of player.

Charm rebate because it was skipped.

Myoboku trial because it's gonna help everyone with some training potions and free coupons daily.

Total Recharge Rebate will bring a new ninja and will help the spenders who spent their ingots to recharge and get them back and to use them for Fuku Deals.

Fateful Choice,Lucky Board and Sakura's Gift will be a good way for players to have a bigger variety of items and ninjas to choose from to complete Fuku Deals and to increase their battle power and their ninja collection.

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1. Total Recharge Event – 20k
(Naruto S6P and Sasuke Rinnegan optional pack)

2. Anniversary Red Envelope

3. Fukurokumaru’s Deal - 25K
(Naruto Ronin)

4. Colorful Ballons
Naruto 9Tails Chakra
Ay 4th Raikage and Sasuke Susanoo optional pack
Explosive Heart Gift Pack
Summer Clothing Optional Pack
Training Potion
Cave Keys

5. Lucky Board – With updated board rewards for better value for money
Hokage Optional Pack
Edo Jinchuriki Optional Pack
Tactics Optional Pack
Refine Optional Pack
Charm Pack
Bonds Optional pack

6. Konoha’s Great Tree

Itachi Uchiha Kimono
Madara Uchiha GNW
Kushina Habanero
Ino Swimsuit
Deluxe Myoboku Optional Pack
Advanced Skill Trial Pack

7. Mt Myoboku

8. Charms Rebate

Reason :
Will benefit f2p and mid- low spenders

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1.Firework Festival(Minato Hokage,Naruto Ronin or Naruto Sage of the Six Paths)

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1 Total Recharge Rebate( Edo Deidara)

2 Colorful balloons (Kisame, Tobirama edo, adv skill trial pack, refine pack, Sasuke susano)

3. Wishing Lantern

4 Konoha great Tree ( command flags, edo itachi, summer break, )

5 Mega Carnival

6 Myoboku Trial (frags shisui kimono or itachi kimono or tsunade kimono)

7 Charm Rebate

8 Treasure of the Sage

9 Fukurokumaru's Deals 25k ( Konan AoG or Minato Edo, charm pack, adv refine pack, ninja assist gift pack) + add more rewards

10 Anniversary Red Envelope

11 Lucky board ( naruto sosp, training potion, adv skill trial pack)

12) Naruto froggy

+ Kakuzu and Kushina Skill trial

The Reason:

- In fuku add more awards because it has not been long.

- Konoha great Tree and Lucky board two good events for getting ninjas

- Mega Carniva and Naruto Froggy should still be this week

- Myoboku Trial, Wishing Lantern it's just nice rewards for 3rd Year Anniversary

- Colorful balloons and Anniversary Red Envelope it's just a spend event

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1.fuku deals with edo itachi in it

2.any event like lucky board with ronin naruto for 25k max cps value with number1 event.

3.MGM needs to have more kakuzu fragments in it and also 4th raikage frags need to be there with kakuzu,for lower price as well.

reasons:first and most important u guys messed up very well,like best messup in 3 years,and its 3 years anniversary so i guess itd be cool to have it,all whales milked anw.

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Naruto OL Third Year Anniversary:

New Feature: Main Character Skill breakthrough

Theme Arena: Double Chase


Total Recharge Rebate: 30,000 ingot recharge

80 fragments of Uchiha Kimono Optional pack: choose between Itachi [Kimono], Shisui [Kimono] or Sasuke [Kimono]

Command Flag x1

Ultimate Essence x1

Fukurokumaru Deals: 20,000 coupons/ingots

Regular Contracting Scrolls x10

Optional Contracting Scroll x1 (choose between Lightning Tiger Contract Scroll or White Tiger Contract Scroll)

Sasuke [Susanoo] OR Ay [4th Raikage] x 50

Summer Holidays (event with the water guns)

Daily Login: 40Fragments of Nagato [Young Adult]

Redeem Shop: Suit/Cloak Optional pack: Choose between 80 fragments of Sasuke [Suit], Sakura [Cloak], Hinata [Cloak], Ino [Swimsuit], Sai [Suit], Naruto [Suit], or Samui [Swimsuit].

Lucky Board:

100 Redeemable fragments of Explosive Heart Packs

Refine Optional Pack

Training Pots

Soaring Youth Battle Armor

Red Envelope

Myoboku Trial

Daily Login: 40 Fragments of Nagato [Young Adult]

Charms Rebate

Assist link Rebate

Ninjutsu Trial (where you make the handsigns for ninjutsu in a certain amount of time)

Reasons for events:

Recharge: Shisui and Sasuke [Kimono] are right around the corner, so why not let people decide which one they want. Also helpful for anyone deciding to recharge for Infinite Tsukuyomi Rebate and with Red Envelope they can help other group members.

Summer Holidays: This was an amazingly fun event from last summer with the water gun effect on the screen. Jiraiya [Young Adult] was given out in the login and considering that Nagato [Young Adult] is the only one not released yet, he could fit in nicely there.

Myoboku Trial: A favorite event due to it giving out coupons, Same with Ninjutsu Trial which has been missing for awhile

Suit/Cloak Optional pack: Lets people have some lower tier ninjas that still have good use and skillbreaks.

Explosive Heart Packs: For those people wanting Kakuzu and Deidera [Edo Tensei] skill breaks

Sasuke [Susanoo] OR Ay [4th Raikage]: Not giving out all 80 fragments to recruit, but enough that it might entice people to 4 star them and diversify the meta with their skillbreaks

Regular Contracting Scrolls, honestly why are they so rare. Would be nice to see more summons around.

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1) Myoboku trial: Skillbooks for Gaara Kazekage
2) Sakura's Gift (Shisui and Kushina Habanero)
3) Missions General Mobilisation: Minato Jonin, Dan Kato
4) Wishing latern events: Deluxe Myoboku pack
5) Refining Rebates
6) Summon Rebates
7) Battle Armor rebates
8) Lucky wheel (With 30 kushina´s frag(Great rate for low levels), new year cloth, tactics, gamariki, runes, cave keys)

Reason:10k ninjas for free2play´s, we suffered many to pick up ninjas

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Plan of event that I want :

1) Missions General Mobilization (Nagato[Edo tensei])

2) Sakura's Gift (5*Training Potion)

The Reason: I want to recruit Nagato. Only a little left fargs more. thanks

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