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[ Events ] Plan Your Own Weekly Events – 3rd Year Anniversary Event!


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Plan Your Own Weekly Events – 3rd Year Anniversary Event!

Event Time: 2019.07.15-2019.07.20

The Naruto OL English version 3 year anniversary is upon us! The Naruto OL English version has already been with the ninja of Konoha for over 1000 days and nights, and Naruto thanks you for your hard work within Konoha! Many Ninja are already quite familiar with the weekly event format, so as the 3rd year anniversary approaches, we’d like you to plan your own plan of the week’s events. If your plan is feasible, you have a chance of seeing it implemented in Naruto OL!

How to Participate:

Provide a plan of events you thing is reasonable, and the items and ninja that can be obtained

The reasons behind your events (From a planning perspective)

Your player info (including: Character name, UID, Server)

Please list only max. 8 events. Any post containing more than 8 events wont count towards event.


1、"Total Recharge Rebate"(Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear])

2、"Total Spending Rebate" (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

3、"Sakura's Gift"(Training Potion)

4、"Lucky Sn*atch"(*x)

5、"Missions General Mobilization"

6、 "Fateful Choice"

7、"Battle Armor Panic Buy"

8、"Treasure of the Sage"

The Reason:

Server ID:


Character name

Please post strictly in accordance with the above format. If the information is incomplete, it will be invalid and not considered for rewards

We will select three reasonable plans and well made plans for rewards


Excellent plan:3 players (Ninja Assist Gift Pack*1)

Participation: Mount Myoboku’s Training *5

Note: Plagiarism will result in disqualification

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1、Myoboku Trial login reward

(Obito 10 tails)

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Fateful Choice (Naruto Sage Of Six Paths)

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1."Sakura's Gift (Command flag fragments, explosive heart packs, myboku optional pack)

2、"Furukumaru's deals" (Edo Tobirama fragments, the usual power items ie: potions, myboku items, advanced refines)

The Reason: Kakuzu fragments are hot items and we almost never see Edo Tobirama fragments in events for some odd reason.

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1、"Total Recharge Rebate (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

2、"Total Spending Rebate" (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

3、"Sakura's Gift"(Training Potion) (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

4、"Lucky Sn*atch"(*x) (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

5、"Missions General Mobilization" (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

6、 "Fateful Choice" (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

7、"Summon Rebates" (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

8、"Battle Armor Panic Buy" (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

9、"Battle Armor Rebates" (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

10、"Treasure of the Sage" (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

11、"Wishing Lanterns" (Naruto[Sage of the Six Path])

reason : why not . great ninja 10/10 . you're welcome

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  • Pekara On 2019-07-15 16:54:17
  • Fateful Choice (Naruto Sage Of Six Paths)

    Server ID: S901-Pekky

Yeah that won't be bad


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1. "Furukumaru's deals" (Naruto 6paths fragments, because he hasnt apper here yet)

2. "Konoha Treasures" (Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear] almost everyone is aiming for this ninja, and please upgrade the rewards for this event)

3、Myoboku Trial (Because it's your anniversary and everybody loves a coupon event)

4、Wishing Lanterns (Again, everybody loves a coupon event)

5、 Charm Material Rebate (It has been awhile since the last one)

6、 Anniversary Red Envelope (To Encourage some recharge, and again, everybody loves a coupon event)

7、 Konoha Great Tree

8、 Great Plates

9、 Naruto's Froggy ( a long shot because this has been an event this week.)

The Reason: Not sure if this is a good/balanced lineup of events, but these are the most favorite events most of the players I know want, and having them all in one week might make them all really happy)

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1) Myoboku trial: Skillbooks for Gaara Kazekage
2) Sakura's Gift (Itachi edo, Naruto Sage of the six Paths)
3) Missions General Mobilisation: Minato edo, Konan angel of god
4) Wishing latern events: Deluxe Myoboku pack
5) Refining Rebates
6) Summon Rebates
7) Battle Armor rebates
8) Lucky wheel (With kushina, new year cloth, tactics, gamariki, runes, cave keys)

So we have weekly strong ninja: Naruto sage of 6p, Itachi edo, Minato edo and Konan

Also with myoboku trial we can get kazekage gaara skiilbreak faster

I am not placing any recharging plans cause this is more equal for the players who are f2p

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Lucky Sn*atch (Kaguyaaaa)
Server ID: S69 Nix

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1. Great Plates (Killer Bee 8 Tails Jinchuriki, Roshi Edo Tensei, Yagura Edo Tensei)

2. Fukurokumaru Rebate (Power focused)

3. Fateful Choice (Naruto Sage of Six Paths, Sasuke Rinnesharingan)

4. Treasure of the Sage (To add in Adv Vial of Protection, and Adv Vials for a cheaper cost)

5. Myboku Trial (Shizuka Nadeshiko or Edo Yugito)

Reasoning: Great Plates has always been a more of less decent event, maybe by adding some lesser used ninjas, people may find Great Plates a bit more exciting (provided there is some slightly higher frags given). And this event pairs up well for those who want power with Fukurokumaru's Rebate and Treasure of the Sage to let players get more Adv Vials and the Protection Vials for the skillbreaks that players may want, or they could even want other power items. Fateful Choice for those who want Naruto or Sasuke, creating a great way to incentive players into spending their coupons. Then to top it off with a Myoboku Trial offering a bit of assistance to players who want to 4* Shizuka, and if that isn't possible, could always give players Edo Yugito to recruit as a thank you for staying around for 3 years. ^-^ Also no idea why it won't format correctly on my info :c

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1. "Total Recharge Rebate"

2. "Total Spending Rebate"

3. "Red Envelopes"

4. "Crazy Slot Machine"

5. "Time Limited Shop"

6. "Sakura Flowers"

7. "Ino Flowers"

8. "Shinobi Feast"

9. "Platinum Recharge"

10. "Fukurokumaru's Deals"

11. "Myoboku Trials"

The Reason: That's what you want right?

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1. Fuku Rebates (20k Max Milestone - same as last month's fuku but instead of a ninja fuku, make it a power fuku with Treasured tool essences, Large adv refine packs, Large charm Packs, and Ninja Cultivation Packs)

2. Konoha Great Tree (Ninja Assist Optional Pack, Edo itachi, Kushina Habanero, Yes Master and command flags back on this event too as the 1k draw reward)

3. Mega Carnival (extend to this week)

4. Myoboku Trial (Coupons, training pots, and cave keys)

5. Charm Rebate

6. Wishing Lantern (Bring the charm packs back)

7. Refine Rebates (1k refine milestone)

8. Wheel of Fortune (Kakuzu EGF frags and sosp x80 frags)

The Reasons:

- Fuku and KGT would be a good synergy to put on the anniversary event since both of them would give the max rewards on 20k cps spent.

- Since its an anniversary week, it would be reasonable to give the players the best F2P events like the myoboku trial and Wishing lanterns

- Charm and Refine rebate since it will be a power fuku which will drop many of those and most of the players would like to use them right away

- Mega carnival since it offers most of the best value/deals of power items you can buy compared to other events.

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1) Great plates ( all 3 Mt. Myoboku gifts, Ninja assists flags/potions/pills and some rare ninja frags. )

2) Mt. Myoboku trial

3) Fuku rebate max 25k cps with bp rewards

The Reason: power up :)

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