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[ Other ] Getting banned on N.O. discord for no reason


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  • AddisonEmery On 2019-07-16 20:41:26
  • Unfortunately the unbanning process is quite slow right now due to the lack of proof for not participating in the spam. The link is not broken, it simply does not work for those who have been banned. I understand the frustration surrounding this and we are working on a solution so please be patient! ban people with no proof (by your own admission seeing as it was a sweeping ban....and thus you can't prove those who were or weren't involved) yet you demand people provide proof that they didn't participate in is that even possible? Why do you guys INSIST on going about everything the hard way? Here is a hint: If you don't have evidence that someone spammed, then....well....just don't ban them. Very difficult, I know, but it can be accomplished with SOME effort.

I would LOVE a through explanation as to how one would go about proving their innocence in this matter? I will LAUGH if you say to provide screen

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