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[ Events ] Events Cycle - July 11th


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  • UchihaShay On 2019-07-10 21:07:09
  • Let me rephrase it.... "we angered the whales, so we going to prolong this event to let them recharge more, so they can get those sweet level 14 rune stones."


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Again no fuku rebate, which is the event when most people spend their coupons, lets delay it more.

Why prolong cave rebate ? People that got 2K rebate wont spend more keys and people that spend 1K keys wont get enough keys in 1 week to get to 2K key rebate, completely pointless and useless.

Stop putting the useless events that everyone hates until you update the rewards, even though i read a lot of remarks that rewards are updated, i mean mainly pricing wise, no1 will ever spend coupons/ingots on these useless events. (both fishing events, one ingot and summer memories)

You say you put keys into more events and stuff, but unless its obtained via free way, no1 will waste coupons/ingots to buy keys, there are already good events to buy key packs with discount, we dont need more useless ways to obtain the keys that will pretty likely be way inferior to the current ways. Unless we are talking about monthly event where we will be able to get 30 keys a month, yaaay. Will make such a big difference, i bet everyone will have lvl 14 runes in the next month.

Im just waiting for you to add the new levels for refine runes, so i can quit this game altogether, this game has a huge potential, but somehow you are managing to drain all the fun from this game with your incompetence, but it just shows that you dont believe in the future of this game, and are trying to rush things to get as much money as possible, even if it means the game will die sooner because people are getting tired of your shi*.

Will be recharging only for monthly cards, since i expect you to release refine runes in the next 3 months, im not gonna waste any more money on this game.

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Where is froggy?!?!?!?!?!?! Srsly do you all just NOT listen to the people. I get the no fuku deal cause normally froggy comes in first. But srsly. And charms rebate for those who count on that. When players said they needed more cave keys they did NOT mean the rebate they meant more keys cheaper keys. Srsly at lease some how add the froggy. And you sooooo should had warned people bout the cave key event because i know a lot of people yesterday that spent coups or ignots to cover the rest. Will you be giving those players back what they spent. Common sense goes a long way.

Kuddos thou on kage gaara skill trail. Its your only saving grace this week.

P.S just add the darn froggy event at lease TO keep some of your players. Happy players are better then not so happy players.

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One question, Six Paths Naruto still stay in Missions General Mobilization?

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  • Daiske On 2019-07-10 18:42:08
  • Nope, it's correct. As we have previously stated, we plan to bring more cave keys and events surrounding Rune Stones more often. This decision has been made due to recent update to Rune Stones.

The game is going to be dead by mostly 2020 mark my words xD POS Daisuke and your POS Tobei xD

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Please Fuku For next Event After this

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I assumed it was around time for froggy and fuku deal too but Christ you guys are so whiny. Yeah fuku dealbis when most players spend their coupons but doesn’t mean that it needs to come right when YOU as an individual have saved up enough. For those that are raging and complaining there are probably just as many who are thankful they got an extra week or two to finish saving up what they need. This goes doubly so for people raging about froggy. For those of us who can spend the $130 for froggy, we are basically guaranteed the full fuku rebate. You should at least be able to empathize with the F2P who have to gruelingly save up for months just to get one fuku deal. Like I said, yeah I love the events because I can afford them and don’t have to jump through hoops to access ingots. (I.e I’m not limited to mobile pay or using gift cards.) However, I also don’t mind waiting just a few extra weeks to give others a chance.

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i try not to whine or complain about some of these events but for christ sake no one asked for cave key event to be extended regardless of what was discussed behind closed doors. I also agree with alot of people saying the event schedule is messed up big time lately but i understand its probably to try keep interest granted it ain't working. Also when is tsunade npc getting introduced we still don't have that yet in the uk so wtf theres a few features you've yet to add and its unfair to the f2p players because it just increases the gulf in power for the p2w players maybe focus less on the people who are paying big amounts of cash and focus on your f2p people for once just a thought oh and i would love froggy and fuku deals in the same week if possible

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for people complaining about fuku, they are saving it for the anniversary week, which is the 18th-24th event cycle. since fuku is such a nice f2p event they want to give that to players during the anniversary so f2p cant say its only a p2w week.

@Daiske - when people complained about needing more keys to make up for the new rune levels they meant more on the line of doubling the ones from wishing tree or increasing the amount redeemable and decreasing the cost of the one in the spacetime redeemable shop, or adding cave keys to the group shop, or lowering the price of keys in the grocery store. You said you are updating the spacetime shop, so I'm hoping you improved them, I also hope that the rest of my scrolls will be sell-able ( and don't say I can sell them for coins I have over 1 billion coins currently I don't need coins ).

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I hope oasis adds shisui in one of these events or in the next week events

cause I have the coupons for him

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So, this is your Anniversary surprise? Back2Back Cave key rebate! Was hoping for Charm or Refine rebates. So much disappointed because of the messy events combination every while

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While I don't agree with a majority of what was said it was made clear this isn't another Cave Key rebate back to back, but rather an extension of one that's already ongoing. It shouldn't affect the cycle. By the way, if this is an extension then the keys we've already spent should remain. We'll see if we get set back to nada.

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cave again?

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  • Daiske On 2019-07-10 18:42:08
  • Nope, it's correct. As we have previously stated, we plan to bring more cave keys and events surrounding Rune Stones more often. This decision has been made due to recent update to Rune Stones.

Instead of extending the same Cave key event, shouldn't it be more beneficial for players if it is a new Cave key event instead?

Correct me if I am wrong, but judging by the time Jul4-17, I suspect the cave rebates will not reset, this means, those that already did the rebates have no further use of this event.

If the Cave rebate has been reset, then it will benefit both p2w and f2p players. Lengthening the duration of Cave key event without resetting the rebate kind of goes against the intention of helping out the player due to the Rune stones change

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  • Daiske On 2019-07-10 18:42:08
  • Nope, it's correct. As we have previously stated, we plan to bring more cave keys and events surrounding Rune Stones more often. This decision has been made due to recent update to Rune Stones.

you say extending the cycle will create more options to "gain" cave keys but the key rebate not resetting for ex. if ur at 2k keys into key rebate then u claimed all the time limited keys and doing it again wont result in any more gain so hows extending the key rebate gona give us more opportunities to get more keys?

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I missed the cave keys event, so thanks for bring it back this weeks

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  • ѕυѕαиσσ On 2019-07-10 22:09:02
  • The game is going to be dead by mostly 2020 mark my words xD POS Daisuke and your POS Tobei xD

The end of flash is in 2020, so that's going to happen either way.

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Honestly, the extension of the Cave Exploration Rebate duration is a great move in my opinion.
It does benefit a lot of people who either fell short a couple hundred keys from benefiting from the rebate this week and otherwise
would have missed out completely on their rebate.

So long as it doesn't reset the rebate progress, seems like a pretty good idea to utilize for all rebates in my opinion.

I did notice the first step was Ninja Recruitment Rebate being extended to match the duration of Time-Limited Treasure last time it was here
and that itself benefited a lot of people I know. They were able to get the last few scrolls they needed in the following week and achieve their rebate in time.

That said...if you were to increase every rebates duration from 1 to 2 weeks, an event cycle would look something like this:
Week 1 : Battle Armor Rebate & Refinement Rebate
Week 2 : Refinement Rebate & Cave Exploration
Week 3 : Cave Exploration & Ninja Recruitment Rebate/Time-Limited Treasure
Week 4 : Ninja Recruitment Rebate/Time-Limited Treasure & Charm Rebate
Week 5 : Charm Rebate & Battle Armor Rebate

Just something to consider.. We'd always have an active rebate and people have more time to get what resources they can
to participate in them, but that's just me trying to look at this from a positive perspective.

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