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[ Help ] itachi uchiha Anbu.


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just got itachi anbu and need to know what sort of ninja to team him with anyone got an idea to help me out

these are the ninja i have dont mind what main i have to use54213768

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Itachi works only with Uchiha units. It doesn't work with normal Saske, as it doesn't stack with SB standard. Tho it does work only with Saske Suit in your current ninjas, but it would be a case "Use it just to be used". Not like there would be a much use of it, as you could make a better lineup without Itachi right now.

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lm , iruka , sasuke , anbu itachi would work

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I guess your right but at least help the poor player out here try anbu itachi with fire main along with playboy saskue or normal saskue and sage Naruto hopefully skillbroken

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You shouldn't clutter general with this kind of thread, next time post here as that is where line up threads like this belongs.

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