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[ Updates ] Rune Stones Issue


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Hello everyone!

We are currently investigating issue that prevents players from upgrading their Runes stones to levels 13 and 14.

We are also investigating issue that does not properly return Rune stunes when splitting level 13 and 14 to lower level.

We ask everyone not to split their level 13 and 14 Runes stone for now, thank you.

Naruto Online Operation Team

@EDIT: We ask everyone who split their level 13 and 14 runes to contact us via CS ticket.


Dear Ninjas,

We've received reports that many of you split their level-14 Rune Stones and only received 1 level -13 Rune stone back. This is how the Rune system is designed. There is a possibility that you get a 13-level and a level-12 Rune stone when your split your level-14 Rune stone, but also a possibility that you will receive only one 13-level Rune stone.

As we didn’t inform you in advance, we sincerely apologize for this situation and we will send a 12-level stone to all players who have the splitting issue once we check their account records. Please report your lost to us via CS system.

Players who split level-14 Rune stone after the this announcement will not receive the compensation. We highly recommend not to split the level-14 Rune stone since you are not guaranteed to receive everything back. It’s not an issue.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your support and understanding.

Naruto Online Support Team

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