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[ Help ] lev 91 low power~


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  • RenjiAsuka On 2019-07-04 05:32:56
  • 4k? or 40k?

    Moods, refines, magatamas, runes, assist link, myoboku, battle armor, cultivation, awakening, 8 gates, are just some things you can improve.

Hmmm .. Might be 40k cuz an @lt who only onlines for the will of fire reaches more than 4k bp at around that level .. xD

But for the topic, just what RenjiAsuka said, there's a lot of features in the game which gives boost to power .. You only have to know things you should do in order to get power consistently .. One of the Major Things and Key to do is "Saving" and waiting for the right time to use it .. Save Refine Runes, Charms, Cave Keys, and BA Threads till their rebates came in events .. Save coupons and only spend it during the Fukurokumaru's Deal or only spend it with power-items (you must forget the word "SPIN", "WHEEL", and "LUCK") .. Other things like Training Potions for Ninja Assist, Myoboku Cultivation Training and Five-Nature Chakra are obtainable for free in events and missions, the amount is not that great but you can farm some of it for free .. Coins are also needed, for Eight Gates and for leveling up Treasured Tools ..

If you have no Emotional Attachment with your account/character, i would like to suggest or advice you to create a new account somewhere (new or old server but new will be better for you so that you will have someone around you to step forward at the same pace) .. Try to read more threads here in Forums and start a new gaming life with the new informations and ideas that you will get from other players .. Avoid the mistakes you've made during your first time playing and enjoy the game as you move forward to your glory time of killing spree .. :D

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