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This community is a joke lol. Go with the flow and stop begging.

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So, I said this before when they tried to introduce more levels of magatamas, however I'll repeat it here since they aren't doing the survey again: adding new levels to runes / magatamas will only cause the lower power individuals to get more frustrated as they aren't even capped as it is right now. This means that its really only pandering to the 1% of big spenders and excludes the individuals who are casually spending or are spending towards other resources. As a result the game will deteriorate faster than it is already leading to only a handful of high spending players across a few servers.

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>but we believe this would bring new and fresh air to the game.

The game is finally getting to the point where backrow survives and matters because of the Ninja Assist feature. The only thing this update would provide is Move 1 oriented teams to be more dominant once again and it shall remain that way for a long while for everyone but the 0.01% of the players mostly because of the outrageous cost getting even your move 2 up to level 14 runestones to be able to compete.

The trend of raising the cap on old BP systems is ridiculous and just makes the developers look like they want a quick buck. I'm sure no one would bat an eye if this was implemented as a new BP system and didn't cost an outrageous amount such as keys and refines do. I fail to see who this is being marketed to since not even the #1 ranked player on EN has maxed out keys on m2, let alone m3 and m4.

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After reading this thread, I sincerely hope someone takes a lot of these comments seriously. Not just for the mostly f2p pov, but also from people who aren't f2p. Many people I know who have spent a good amount of money in the game, haven't spent anything in months and went f2p, myself included.

Here's why (forgive long explaination): The game itself doesn't feel like it's progressing as we progress after a certain point. The added features like nature training, new ninja exams, and 3v3 help a lot, but these are not enough. At the beginning of the game, as we level up, we could see the journey of our characters and unlock features along the way at a decent pace. After about level 80, there's like a * stop to progress. It takes forever to unlock the next features and even longer to power up equipment. This is the point where I personally see friends losing interest in the game. At this point, most of the stories and elite instances are completed and most everything else. Other than a few features that come occasionally to keep it interesting, it is basically an empty grind with little to show for it. At this point even some of the paying people are losing interests and eventually quit the game.

So the posts here are people trying to appeal to the desire of making the game playable or more enjoyable. It is in the business interests to take a lot of these posts seriously as it would drastically improve the game and help retain paying players.

Just my 2, if you made it this far, thanks for listening.

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Please NO for RUNES!!! Here in servers of 900ish Top spenders don't even have maxed pos2, some not even pos1... And players would be way happy if they can finish all positions on this feature instead of going 2 more levels up!

These runes wont bring joy to any players, because top spenders already WAY ahead of low spenders and f2p..

And as one of Top spender in my server, these things doesn't motivate to spend, it just crushes you down..

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Pos 1 online..

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  • Sphere On 2019-07-03 22:02:32
  • Pos 1 online..

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I don’t really care about the runes so much to be honest. I mean In reality the ones who can afford them already beat the living hell out of me, so at least now they just do it faster. Plus the way they operate it’s going to happen anyways. Don’t get me wrong I would love to see their ideas towards “a breath of fresh air” actually be such and not some poorly disguised money grab. The fact of the matter though is they actually WANT to limit players and ruin their game. Think about it, they literally stripped away systems like tsunade npc and only having 4* BT/ST to make more money but limit the game into the position 1 PoS game that it is right now rather than the well balanced, combo based game that it has at its core. Even back as S10 GL, EVERY week we were spammed with messages and told to put most emphasis on the top players. Same now as it was then.

If you really want f*** your players so badly at least add some of these fun, “actual game-changing” features to lube us up before you do.

But hey, congrats on three years of shady business practice, poor translations, lazy/inept management, unoriginal ideas and lack of transparency. Always nice to see our favorite companies and games improve and grow over time.

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Please no rune upgrade it only helps the top 1% in powering up more and destroying the other 99%

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you're not getting anymore of my money with this kind of sh*t you're trying to pull, why lvl 13, 14 runes!!! I have worked too hard and spent too much to get my pos1 runes maxed now only to learn that they aren't, that is a big slap in the face, if this goes through I promise you oasis, I am not investing another cent into this game

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Please outline the logic and thought that you have for thinking behind this as being " a breath of fresh air" please.

Like a paragraph or two.

As clearly there is a disconnect between the community and your own thinking. If you explain your rationale, we can try to understand. Otherwise you are just using empty words to appease backlash.

The more you hold on features on the game, the more boring it becomes. F2p eventually quit as its harder to be competitive or enjoy the game, forcing mergers to keep the numbers up. Even the gaps of paying players bp is huge. Making people unintested and play out of habit.

Explain your thinking or others will assume your words are empty and just think as they are now. You care nothing for the game and are trying to squeeze the last bit if money out of a game you dont care for and see ending soon.

Explain the breath of fresh air that was needed and requested months ago. Explain your thinking behind not implementing what the community thinks would help the game. Ignoring them and implementing this instead.

Im generally curious to your thinking this is fresh and will help the game. You clearly thought about it a lot. Please outline the thought prosses for us to see.

Maybe you are correct and we just dont see it.

Please explain.

And if you dont have the courage to do so, stop condescending us with your transparent appea*ts.

That would be a fresh air on the forums.

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Hello i would like say a few things as well, sadly now you guys are thinking about TOP players or few ppl who push for those changes, not whole comunity, which is kinda sad. Game is created by whole comunity, spenders but also f2p players, i know big company has to earn, but not this way. People giving feedback almost every week, why can't you guys listen us for once ? We are telling you, we dont want more refines, we dont want more runes. Let us play this game in a bit more interesting way, with all ninjas alive in the field, not pos 1 only, this way game be more enjoyable. For once i ask, read comments, stand in our shoes and think in what direction you are heading, because it's more noticable, that you are losing players, because of these decisions.

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I do not think it is good idea to bring this new runes levels.
I think it would be good wait a bit with this change..

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Lets be honest.. Its * to put this while you dont ask people if they want it .. Maybe ask them when they want to see it..

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  • litty titty On 2019-07-03 21:44:17
  • This community is a joke lol. Go with the flow and stop begging.

this is what EA's community did and look at EA now.... this is what Bethesda's community did and look at FO76... learn from mistakes not do them blindly...

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Please stop trying to force those runestones/magatamas into the game. It'll just make those that already beat everyone even more impossible to scratch.

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i want froggy +fuku deal :\/

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New ninja and new events. Makes this week slightly above average, since rest are nothing to talk about. Maybe because average week in this game seems to be usually bad one recently? At least we didn't get refinement upgrades yet, since they were pushed last time rune stones were tried to be added to the game. But even that isn't a good news nowdays.

How about if you'd give us some of the still missing features? You claim they weren't added because of the bugs they cause. We'd like you to unbug them instead of pretending they won't even exist or hope we forget them in time. This game needs some positive news for a change to keep it's players.

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s2, almost 550k bp. and i dont want these runestones. the reasons are many and as follows:

I don't want to keep finishing features just to see them get extended as it feels like my progress is going backwards.

This system isn't worth enough bp to convince me to spend into it anyway so it will just sit there and wait like it has been(i only get the free keys for moon scrolls)

I only interact with the system 1 day per month, the rebate day, so adding more levels changes nothing about the game in my interactions with it. I will still only interact with this system 1 day a month even if they get added so its definitely not "a breath of fresh air"

I still haven't finished all of my ninjas, I got my m1 to lvl 12s and my m2 to lvl 11s then decided to work on my m3/4 to increase their survivability, so even without this feature update i still need to spend into the system to fini*. So again nothing changes by adding it and it wont convince me to spend on it.

If it goes up I WILL break my m2/3/4 runes up to max my m1 day 1 to keep my m1 as strong as possible, and at current rates i should have enough to max my 1 anyway, so sure my m1 gets stronger but the other 3 get weaker and i lose total bp even if i kill people faster it will make the fights that are closer to the same level last longer because we will 1shot each others backrows easier and it will end up a 1v1 again instead of a 4v4.

passive systems that I only interact with 1 day a month are not fun, the fun systems are things that I interact with every fight, things that change how fights work like the summon systems did adding summons as chases and letting us summon on myst use for additional effects. Those types of things are fun and the things I want to see more of, adding new summons to use on myst would be a lot better than adding more levels to something I only interact with 1 day a month.

New skill books and mutations that let old ninjas become interesting or possibly even useful would be better too, the tsunade npc so we can get the books for those ninjas that aren't worth trying to farm but I want to finish for the sake of collecting would be good as well since at least I would interact with her every day even if it is only for a minute, thats still better than once a month. Also I could use her to get rid of the duplicates of books you guys gave us in events.

I stopped spending 6 months ago because my bp was so much higher than every1 else on my server that there were no more fun fights, Even now very little has changed, rune stones wont be something the lower powered players use to catch up to me, if anything it will cause them to fall further behind me as they push everything into their m1 to try and follow the m1 metas, which means they lose more bp than and i 1 shot their backrows like its nothing. There has been nothing I needed to get or that was fun enough to even look at spending for, its all passive systems I wont look at for weeks at a time or ninjas that wont change the current meta(i'm only missing 11 ninjas at the moment anyway), there is no need for me to spend and updating rune stones wont change that, updating runes stones may in fact make me less likely to spend.

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please no forcing stuff and yes a big no to new levels to runes and refines maybe Instead tsunade npc or be creative for once like new unmade ninja not from CN SB and ST you dont have to copy&paste from CN dont just cash grap whale

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