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[ Scarlet Blaze ] help with 9 tails


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what is a good lineup for this. also what elements is effective against it.

i have a blue and purple summons as well as lightning king, rhino ,giant katsuyu, dog of hell, gamaken

here are my ninjas

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Just from what I know of you'll do more dmg wtih any elemental mystry/attack ninja's since if I recall correctly 9 tails is weak vs all elements. So using ninja's like Mei an the like would generally be decent. I might be incorrect though.

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Yes, 9 tails is weak to all forms of elemental ninjutsu or attacks. As for ninjas and summons, use a summon that combos off chase, use a barrier ninja (anko, shisui, onoki for fire main) and other ninjas that provide buffs like iruka, asuma wind blade, guy, tobirama, hashirama, and so on.

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I would recommend getting Yamato's passive skillbroken. It hives your whole team a 50% buff to damage vs 9 tails. I'd recommend using F main, Iruka, Yamato and WB Asuma. I'd recommend replacing WB Asuma with Onoki when you get him.

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