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[ Lineup ] Help build my team


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I'm kinda stuck on building a team right now. I recently got Rinne-Sharingan Sasuke from the wheel of fortune event after leaving the game for a bit. I know my power is relatively low because the Will of Fire gave me exp for coming back, but I want a solid lineup I can stay with for a while. Thanks for helping

Here are my ninjas and summons:

Screenshot (25)Screenshot (23)Screenshot (28)Screenshot (24)Screenshot (26)Screenshot (27)

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  • Angel乄. On 2019-07-01 06:20:50
  • Heyo, welcome back and congratulation on getting Sasuke!

    You can either decide to run Minato Jonin with Masked m*ing wind main and Kurenai for example, something like the following team:
    Using Fire main does work as well by the way. You c*so use Sakura instead of Kurenai as well if you.

    Now, what concerns with Sasuke. It's best if you run him with lightning main because of the root buff, however you can run in general many teams around him to have some fun, example teams :

    The classic reset team with Sasuke. Works really nice and you can in general make some changes here. You can add Iruka for example if you want more buffs or a barrier ninja. Fire main does work as well with that team.

    A really fun team with Sasuke. I did play myself with water main and him around. Skill broken ningendo does of course work much better as well. Another option here is to use Gakido instead of Ningendo as well. You can try earth main as well with around the same suggestions, adding few support ninjas in to check it out. Remember though, Sasuke works much better with his buffs and resets with fire main or lightning main, but he is still a fun ninja to play around with different formations!

    I'd suggest you to get Naruto Six Paths and Itachi Edo first, these two ninjas are really awesome and they'll gonna help you out a lot.

    Hope that helps!

Thanks for the help!

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