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new sasuke rinnegan team that we may get in the future


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nagato got new skillbreaks, and i think they are amazing!

but it will beexpensive to make him 4 stars ..


his mistery after skillbreak cost only 40 chakra, his Y+1 mistery is prompt but i prefer his +2 mistery bcuz you can cast it in the 1st round

it also increase chakra price by 40 for 2 rounds! if you did it on naruto six paths it will be hard for your opponent to cast his mistery, it will cost 80 chakra


i prefer his Y standard attack, 100 ckakra absorption is good but remove immunity is just great XD


his Y+1 is amazing!, immunity for rinneg*ers and their mistery cant miss, very useful for strong rinneg*ers like sasuke and madara great ninja war (obito)


Y chase attack increase mistery cooldown by 1 round, very useful


i think +2 passive is better, shield and cancel debuffs for edo tensei, and nagato will be immune

well about the team, nagato can provide immunity and unmissable mistery for sasuke


hiruzen is here to buff the team, and also he is edo tensei, nagato can give him shield and cancel his debuffs

i put nagato,sasuke and hiruzen in the same column so earth main can give them shield and get 60 chakra by his mistery

this team dont have alot of chases, and dont have control chases, but nagato Y chase can increase cooldown mistery for opponent, can be useful vs naruto sage of six paths

you c*so perform both hiruzen and nagato misteries in the 1st round, and there is 2 ninjas that can absorb chakra

sasuke here is immune and his mistery cant miss (if he has shield) and has strong armor and he has got 70% nin and tai buff from hiruzen and earth main so he is so strong

but he will be so weak if he lost his shield ...

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