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Coming back after a break : need a good lineup!


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Kushina Red Hot is also another good option. While she's not the best pos1 anymore, she's certainly a viable choice. Or going after Etachi and then claim Edo Hiruzen like Angel suggested is also a good course of action. Edo Hiruzen can act as a pos1 in full buffs team, or as pos2-4 to buff someone else, so certainly not a bad ninja to get from fuku deals. He gets buffs from ANY barrier, so you don't have to worry about getting "the right" barrier for him, and you got Asuma WB already at 4*, so with some cps and a little luck, you can have him at full bt, that's an easy dps team right there: Edo Hiru, Asuma WB bt, any barrier, any main. Or you can even use Edo Hiruzen as buff ninja for 6PN later when you get him (he's been in every rotation for over 2 months now), so no harm there, either.

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