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Coming back after a break : need a good lineup!


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Welcome back! You can either run water main shark bomb teams, position one Roshi/Naruto sage, Chojuro for example. It's awesome that you managed to save these coupons. Tomorrow we've got the Fukurokumaru's Deals around with several general events, which means you could use your coupons towards power or recruit a strong ninja while you'll be claiming additional free rewards.

Naruto Six Path is really strong nowadays. A great investment, for 20k you got an awesome ninja that can help you everywhere. Another great ninja is Itachi Edo, one of the best support ninjas in the game. (Maybe the best nowadays even).

Few example lineups by the way:
Kurenai works here as well instead of Gakido or Sakura Cloak.

Full buffs team, Ningendo/Kurenai/Sakura/Gakido do just fit perfectly in there as well instead of Bee if you want.

Hope that helps!

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You could start with Naruto, but if you don't see him tomorrow, just grab Itachi. You can fit him perfectly in a shark bomb team

Also, about Naruto he only needs Bee as support and any other main or ninja that can be a support does fit. He's in general strong

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Well, they are in general events. Basically you could get Itachi for example from the Konoha's Great Tree and claim Hiruzen for ''free'' (Additional ninja from the Fuku). You got then a ninja for sage as well. Since you got 23k coupons you could buy any of these two. Naruto is pretty cheap, he is around 19-20k at most, so it's really good if you wanna get as him as well

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