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[ PVP ] What is your most frustrating aspect of this game?


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  • Scarlettblue On 2019-06-12 17:07:57
  • What i don't like is the fact the advantage who pays a lot gets is too big.

    I am in no way against the fact who pays get an advantage (i pay too, just not that much) but oasis goal, since is so in many other games, should be that as long as you pay a lot you are ahead, but as soon as you cease to pay altogether within 2 months you should be reached by who pays a low amount and in 4 months by f2p.

    So what frustrates me is the fact i know old whales that is almost 1 year they don't pay and do almost nothing in game that are still unreachable and with better ninjas than me, this shouldn't happen and the reason why most of them didn't recharge anymore is exactly that one, because they have no reason to.

Not true for most a f2p/low spender can catch up to a heavy spender within 6-12 months(100k power gap). Only exceptions would be people like Neo who are 200k-400k+ above the rest.Some just stack their resources and wait on powering up so competition can catch up (doesn't mean they are not paying).This is the best it has been for F2P, u know spenders had to buy keys using ingots ....think how many ingots it was for full lvl 8 from lvl 6.....I will wait..40k ingots....and no gold orbs either.Now f2p gets to have lvl 10 cave keys without having to pay 200k ingots+gets gold orbs?How about BA lvl 7? was about $1000 from lvl 6 to people can get for free? Advanced refines? 30k from lvl can get for free.Charms? had to buy with ingots...can get for free too+can get from rebates.20k ninja? free from wheels....200k+ ninja ? free from GNW+with time.

The thing you are asking is like...someone working on Wall Street goes on vacation then a person working on mcdonalds should be able to catch up during that time. ...such ideals are nice in theory but even communist countries realize those are not practical/leads to laziness/less paying customers. Who would pay $100 to $1000 every month/week if your advantage is short lives...cost benefit *ysis? I am sure some don't mind,have seen some spending 1000 like 1 dollar but most whales are everyday people/some are doing low income jobs/working over time...just putting almost their paychecks into this game.More people paying =better it will be for f2p.You nerf events,people stop paying or they have to nerf f2p stuff to make f2p spend. Whales pay,gets rewards, use that rewards to stay ahead....however another whale can catch up if the current whale doesn't recharge. F2P can still compete equally in many events...and enjoy the summon,cat quiz,zenith,arena,9 tails,plunder,convoy,GNW(farming seals),training grounds,etc. Only event truly impossible for a f2p is ST top 3.

Snip:F2p should compete with other f2p or low spenders if wants to be happy...and heavy spenders and f2p will not be in the same lvl unless the whale doesn't recharge for 6 months+. Game is a game of some would like to call....whales get it fast ...f2p get it few months later.

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Event nerfing,RNG,cancer teams(Naruto 6 paths cancer),toxic/jealous people always complaining,high level in low lvl sage,meta(your 20k+ ninja useless in 3 months and have to run the same team or won't be able to enjoy events).

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  • Scarlettblue On 2019-06-12 18:47:08
  • Sure, but the guy still has that 28k initiative/critical/injury/control move 1 and still destroys me by moving before me simply by using naruto six paths even if i caught up in total power.

    That's the point, who cares if both now are 350k power and when he stopped recharging he was 320k and i was 210k.

    I won't be able to win until i get another 100k.

    No, what i ask is that also here happens what happens in any grinding game if you stop recharging for a while.

    That is exactly what you pointed out like if was weird: increasing discounts over time for older features and increasing amount of them given out for free while adding new features that make close to be useless the old features unless you buy also the new ones.

    In naruto online as you said is actually happening but too slowly, it should happen with 3 times the quickness currently is going on.

    Because what you don't understand is that by doing so those guys i was talking about are not spending anymore now and neither I am spending more.

    If instead they tell me that if i spend 500$ now i could beat those guys that stopped spending then maybe could be i do it and at that point also them, looking at the fact i began to own them like they used to own me they begin again to spend.

    That's how those kind of games work.

    All of them, besides naruto online.

Like I said ,you admitted to catching up...somany whale and f2p caught up to previous whales/space time top 2-3 after they stopped like 1 year ago.As for losing to naruto it has to do with naruto being a broken char. ...lose to naruto with more power and having high ini so....called cancer for a reason.As for ini, it is RNG...purify+stack pos1?

In other words,f2p can catch up to most whales if he quits/stops recharging within a year....only problem that would hinder it is, ninjas/ini which you have to be lucky or recharge a bit to get...couple of froggies +ninja assists should can boost ini fast compared to old days...using refines,charms or tools. After awhile you need like 20k coupons/ingots to power up a little on one item...if they made rebates bad...people will quit/or stop spending...causing f2p be shafted more. Happy whales =better events for f2p.So just take it easy when whales kill you...and just compete with fellow f2p...otherwise it will be an uphill and a sad battel. Most successful p2w games give more advantage to spenders and almost no f2p can have some chars without spending....this game is not that bad. Every f2p can have what whales can have with time...time maybe long but reducing the time means less profits+less spenders leading to making things even worse....that's why they balance things. Only suggestion would be making low recharge rebates good like 10k is great 20k is good and 30k is ok....but might lead to less profits.For a company profits+investors+paying customers are everything...f2p gets something but not the main priority since they don't pay. And no amount of argument...or even forum mods can't change the way a big company thinking....lookup oasis and 10cents mission,vision and strategic plans...they won't change it for low level support(community and forum members...not even for the programmer...sure the programmer has a more say than forum members/mods).

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  • Sharkbomb On 2019-06-12 20:11:35
  • i can tell you the most frustrating aspect of this game :

    -people choose to blame other or thing rather than blame him/herself. blaming is the most easiest job to do and the best they can do.

    -easy come, easy go. good thing mostly come out of hardship and patience.

    -people run this game so not even god can provide all what you need lol.

    so m fine with frustration. naruto said.

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  • John Calvin On 2019-06-13 21:50:16
  • I personally don't think money warriors have have any reason to brag. Money means skill isn't required.... so stop bragging about the fact skill is irrelevant.

True true...people flexing money and acting immature is annoying. Ofc just because someone spends money doesn't mean they lack the skill...well making money takes skill too:P But most of the toxicity comes from f2p acting like people owe them everything and they should be handed the same things as people spending thousands of dollars xD .....had f2p crying about not being able to get edo hashirama within 6 months after GNW treasure came...because he saw some whale got it by spending like 200k ingots day brah you want to get edo hashirama that fast without spending At the end of the day, freemium browser games always have catered towards paying players...well there should be something to trigger f2p be spenders;otherwise all will be f2p :P There are games you can play+comete with equal footing,but most of them require you to have a good computer and buy a physical copy. Ofc someone with a good computer +internet can wreck you even with the same amount of skill.And if you think spenders have it easy...think again...there are some walking banks with 200k-400k power over most whales stomping people in events.. nothing can be done but to smile and walk away.

Moving onto real problems: 6 paths naruto cancer...eek.

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  • _Light_ On 2019-06-13 02:20:02
  • and this, i was online for the whole day on the 10th but forgot to click on the login T_T screwed up the whole months login Screenshot_14

medal trial maybe?I think shop had one.

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