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[ Fanart ] Random Sketch I Done in the Month of May


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I posted this a little bit late as im getting busy with life

i was gonna post the failed ones that i sketch but im kinda embarassed on how badly i draw and unfinished those sketch of mine

Here you go

Midnight Blade and Azure Fang on the School Festival

i work on this first as midnight and breeze one as i struggle to draw the breeze i quickly search for some pictures online and found a good picture with midnight and azure on a yes master clothes so i decide to change the breeze dancer to a azure fang and added a bunch of little detail just to make it look like they both on school festival.Couple

Breeze Dancers Clothes

This 3 drawings of Breeze are drawn 1 day per 1 Alternate Clothes First i draw the center one middle one the standard clothe on the wind main just too know how high im gonna draw the other and i kinda like the basic cloth of the Breeze.

Second one is the right one im not gonna lie i struggle a bit on this cloth as there is only 1 or 2 picture you can find on google and than fully one the Akuma's Minimalist on this cloth has some good detail so i was able to draw the little details of the cloth i was struggling to find.

Third one is the anbu clothes made her cross his hand just to be able to fit her in the left side plus she look awesome on a anbu cloth and the cross hand made her look like she is about to attackon top on building or a tree.


Azure Fang Clothes

Middle one first i wonder what water main would look like in the police medic uniform and that is the end result of it i kinda happy on what i looks like and i make her a bit shy as she is always shy.

Second one is the right one which again hard to find the picture of it so i log in to my account change to Azure fang just to see the details i needed and i make her a bit older and put a beauty mark on the lower right of his mouth

Third is the Yes Master cloth which is terribly rush on the face place and tons of erasing i done on the face until i get satisfied or the paper almost disintegrate because of the constant erasure in the face


There you my Sketch for Month of May and i added some story on how i create this drawing and the some of the process i done hopefully you guys like them and i enjoy sharing this stuff to you guys as you guys are far more creative than me

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  • Im Not Creative On 2019-06-12 09:12:19
  • do you draw this good?

    btw do you have a deviantart?

Thanks unfortunately i dont have a deviantart should i create one and what do you on that site?

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  • Im Not Creative On 2019-06-12 22:54:43
  • Yeah you should make a deviantart, your art is good. And I don't understand your second question, sorry. :(

My Mistake i probably type fast that there are some missing word on my question i said what do you do on that site?

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  • Hina Devil On 2019-06-13 12:12:42
  • I always like your stories XD

    Let's create a lot XD

Thanks this brings joy to me as i like you art and the art style you have Thank you

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  • Im Not Creative On 2019-06-13 19:01:01
  • deviant art is where you post and sell art

Interesting i look into it then Thanks for the Information

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  • JustSaying On 2019-06-13 23:25:31
  • So nice. I wish I could draw that good T_T

Just keep on practicing mate it took me several years just to able to make a clean sketch and you will be able to develop your own art style like Hina Devil and you sketch is still developing i like them very much mate dont be ashame on how you draw every person has there own art style Just Keep Practicing

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