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[ Lineup ] Swimsuit Samui Countering Every me<x>ta


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Sup Guys! I played around with Swim Samui and She's actually a pretty amazing support! Come take a look :D She helps counters metas

This Girl is no joke!

What teams did you come up with?

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i read chiyo in the title, sorry

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Well, was the Samui the main saver? Or the team itself?

Anyway i havent seen single "Kushina,Shisui,Madara" team :D or "Susano itachi,Madara,shisui with E.main giving them double attack", those teams i was facing in Arena, it seems like you faced only random based teams, only tryhard was the first Ay one

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Ngl, she hot

Would be better if she looked more generic tho.

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