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[ Scarlet Blaze ] Scarlet Blaze Lineup HELP!


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Please help with any lineup tips or suggestions. I'm trying to make the best of what I have, but I get the feeling I'm not utilizing the best lineup

Edit: Tried attaching screenshots of available ninja but it's not loading pls help

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Unfortunately forum has some primitive issues that I reported, asking for a fix beforehand. You may try no

1- Do not copy paste images into the post and upload from the ßutton in "write a post" screen.

2- Upload the images one by one, not together.

3- Try to use a differwnt browser.

These are my common workarounds for forum image submitting. If neither of them works, you may consider submitting imgur or puush links of them so we could try to help you on your lineup at least even if not as convenient.

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Ah, you're just starting out. In that case it's usually best to just run with ninjas that have the most stars. Save your seal scrolls for other treasures like the Jinchurikis, kage, or gnw treasure. That and start saving your coupons

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hehehe here

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