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[ Help ] Adobe flash 2020 shutdown


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Hello, Adobe has announced that flash will shutdown in 2020. Does anyone know if this will affect the game? Thanks

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If I recall right, we asked to the Support Centre of Turkish servers in 2018 and they said that it wouldn't affect the game at all. Probably they have already prepared a migration to html5 or Unity or some other counterpart in these 2.5 years or will do in the following months, especially when we consider the Naruto Online Mobile being released.

Having an official declaration would be nice tho, Flash is just so full of bad optimizations and security/consistency issues that many of us observed/reported in the past that I'd say the game can only be better than it is.

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It will probably still use Adobe, just it won't get any updates. No reason to move somewhere else. Everything will stay the same as they are now.

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Hi Thank you so much for asking! Not to worry, this question was asked before and it will not affect the game. If there is any updates in regards to it, we will let you guys know!

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We are aware of this change. There is no need to worry. At the moment we are not able to share the details with you but the game won't be affected, once we will get closer to the specific date, we will make an official statement.

Have a nice day.

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