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Pleasee help with Lineups (Any Main)


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I posted this already and waited at least 5 hours and got nothing. I just need a optimal team. Please and thank you.

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  • Alex ๏̯͡๏ On 2019-06-04 23:37:55
  • Hello! There a few lineups for you :

    1.Classical Lighting Main blitz.

    proxy (1)

    Its a classic blitz-team. If your opponents have same bp with you - they will probably R.I.P. Naruto is here for additional protection and crit. boost. But you can replace him for Asuma WB (depends on your fighting style). Its will also work with Fire Main.

    A great disadvantage of this team is low protection level and high damage opponent ninja's.

    2. Water Main cancer team.

    proxy (2)

    Poison, iginition, shields, heal. good damage. Its a really good team for low bp player.

    3. Earth Main blitz.

    proxy (3)

    Frankly speaking, it's a very risky blitz team. You will have heavy damage, but don't any protection vs debuff teams.

    4. Fire Main Sage Naruto's team

    proxy (4)

    Kinda good F2P team . You can replace Fire Main's mystery to Mirror for additional protection. Personally, I'd like this standart, but you can replace it.

    5. Wind Main Sage Naruto's team.


    This team looks kinda outdate, but can be used. Good damage, shields, bareer, reflect...In good hands this team can be very dangerous.

    I hope, that it helps you and you can find a good team for use. ^^

Thank you! I'm going to try the fire main team cuz I like control :)

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