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[ Lineup ] Water Main Lineup plz? ,_,


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yoo, im looking for some wm lineups cuz im a bit tired of my usual

here are my ninjas:

edit: my ningendo, itachi gaara kurenai tenten kabuto and tsunade are already full SB, my deidara and asumaWB are half


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This month ninja sign in is chiriku, once you get him you can run:

Ningendo chiriku x

Itachi x x

X x water main

Talents: 32323, summon: kirin.

In the meanwhile you may use sai suit in his place, but works worse (han would be a good ninja for you in that place. If you manage to get him you c*e him there)

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I got a couple you can try.

Fuguki edo tensei, roshi, kurenai, water main. 33432, gamaken

Chojuro, ao, gnw tenten (or regular tenten) , water main, 32112, monkey king

Could also cheese it up with this

Cloak Sakura pos1, Naruto Chinese style, iruka, water main, 32132, modern monkey king

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You didn't put what summons you have, but I will assume you have monkey king. If you don't ninja monkey will work just less chase.

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