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[ Events ] 6.0 or 5.1?


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I don't want to start a flame, so i will just state what i think.

It's a while now we are in the supposed to be called 6.0, but no everyday feature was heavily modified nor was added a single permanent daily or weekly new feature since the patch was added.

Every time we went to a new patch in the past we got heavy modifications to the everyday/weekend features and to the main characters talents. This time nothing of this happened, so is reasonable to ask if and when are we going to get in 6.0

There's a bunch of things that 6.0 should have brought in game instantly and were not added while, on the other hand, were added just the hot topics new events and a bunch of una tantum or very special events that, from the p.o.w. of the common players are nothing different from any other normal weekly patch.

I honestly think is time they add at least some of them in game asap to let us think we are actually in 6.0 and not in 5.1

1) We all know there's no further modification of the main character talents, but there are the so called talents breaktroughs. The preview talked about them and was reasonable to think they woulf be the 1st thing to be added in game as soon as the patch was applied but after over 1 month there's still no track of them.

2) Kage TI normal and hard mode. 1/4th of the servers are going on with no modifications to their ninja tools because those two modes of kage TI are not unlocked and available while are implemented in game since 4.0 at least. Unlocking them, since are an everyday feature, would indeed let us think we are no more in 5.0

3) Tsunade npc and east konoha special shop. Two other everyday features currently implemented in game but deliberately locked. Unlocking one of them or both would indeed let us think we are no more in 5.0

4) Grocery store revamp and massive update. We still have the same exact grocery store as 5.0. Myoboku grasps, nature scrolls and at least 4 more cloths should be there since months. Updating it massively would indeed let us think we are no more in 5.0

5) Level cap increase to 110 and level 100 elite instances. Yes cn currently don't have them but we all are perfectly able to see that they are implemented in game and deliberately locked (it's enough to take a look at our equipment where it states the stats of the upgrade to level 106, thing that wasn't there before 6.0 and freezes show the existance of a level 100 *on in elite instance screen). Also unlocking this would make us think we are no more in 5.0

To sum up.

A lot of the players think 6.0 has still to come on live.

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Hi! To recap, here is a preview of some of the 6.0 features that are coming or has already been released.

Not all of Version 6.0 has been released yet, however, they will be released in the future. Like the past updates, they are released over time, rather than released all at once. The reasoning is due to some issues/bugs that may arise due to the release and so the updates are released over time. We will update and make an announcement as soon as a new feature is released.

Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestion. In the future though, please use the "Suggestion Thread" found here to help us better. Thank you!

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