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[ Lineup ] Wind Main lineup help


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Hi all, I need some help finding a new lineup, mine has reached the end of its usefulness I think. I used to use my Wind Main/Breeze Dancer, Hinata, Kabuto, and Sasuke. That was awesome for a while, but it's not really doing much anymore. Here is what I'm working with:



Any ideas? I can't pay for most of the cool options so what I have will be limited probably. If you have any general feedback going forward I would also love to hear it.

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If you can't pay, save coupons for them. You need better ninjas to have options late games anyway. There are plenty of f2p players that have the "cool options" as you are calling them, so there should be no real reason why you couldn't as well. As for other advices, save up seal scrolls until you have 266/434/734 ss and can reach 300/500/800 mark in recruitment feedback. What you'd want to do during rebate weeks is draw only in GNW treasures until you get both Madara Founder and Kurama Naruto, and either keep going there until you get nough fragments to piece together Edo Hashi, or wait and use ss on Edo Jin limited treasures. Alternatively, you could invest instead in 5Kages treasures during rebate weeks and get Susanoo Itachi instead. Right now, the only meta ninjas recruitable outside of events are super rares of those 2 treasures I just listed. So as stated from the beginning of my post, you'll need to save up 20k-30k coupons to get yourself someone like 6PN, Minato (any version), 5KM, Shisui, etc.

All these takes time, so just take your time focus on increasing your powers instead of worrying too much about lineups. You don't have a lot of options yet, anyway.

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