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[ Lineup ] water main roshi lineup help


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hey can anyone help me build a good lineup with roshi?

as of summons i have all purple, rhino, gaint katsu and lighining tiger.

btw im working on han now, whats a good 4th? roshi, han (and tsunade full sb?)

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Roshi needs someone that can help him easily to trigger his chase, because he is scaling ninjutsu first of all and his CD is really high, which means you cannot really use it frequently. Before the current metas, players used to use him with triple healing teams, but I wouldn't suggest you that, as they're way too easy to be countered nowadays. If you decide to get Han, you could build an awesome shark bomb team for example.

You could try something like this for example for now. I am really suggesting you as water main, till you acquire Fuguki Edo(he triggers Roshis chase every round) for example, to try her position one :
The good plan here is to copy with Yagura the best support ninja or just your opponents main, so you will be able to trigger Roshi super easy as well. You can of course try Roshi as position one, however, you'll have access to your mystery once per three rounds, which ain't the best nowadays. Another option is to use Kurenai instead of Yagura, but this build would be only for your opponent to keep hitting Roshi to get the ignition and to trigger any possible reflections, so you can chaos them easier.

Hope that helps !

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awesome im gonna go with the yagura he is fun to play with

and when i get fuguki im gonna switch the yagura

thanks helped a lot!

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You're welcome

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I personally used fuguki, roshi, kurenai for a long time so I definitely recommend you get fuguki.

Another lineup used was roshi, yugito, yagura, 32432.

Not everything has to be a shark bomb team

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