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Ninja Review : Madara Uchiha [Great Ninja War]


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  • He's still "unknown" , the series at that point confirm that this version of "Madara" is not Madara himself , He just self proclaim himself , so ......... yes , unknown ..XD

Sadly, the problem is, that the other tags contradicting him being unknown, two factual tags that are present is contradicting it. One tag is that he is marked as Uchiha Clan member, other tag is Rinneg*er. Whether it was revealed or not in series who can unlock Rinnegan doesn't matter, because that reveal is not the same as who is the person behind mask, meaning that ONLY sharing*ers can unlock rinnegan, and only sharing*ers are Uchiha clan members, there were no known ninjas that weren't Uchiha officially and using sharingan.

This means that if he's Uchiha, tad undoubtedly he's Konoha member just as well, all Uchiha members were born in Konoha, at least people as old as Obito, since, for example, if, or when we'll get to see Madara's and Hashirama's family members of their childhood days that were shown in manga and anime, then those people most likely wont be counted as Konoha members, because Konoha didn't existed then.

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