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[ Help ] Cave Exploration Rebate full score and draw again?


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Cave Exploration Rebate

if i get 1 lucky point for each draw (for every 50 explore) is it 20 draws for 100% chance to get the weekly jackpot or 21 draws

because on the Cave Exploration Rebate where it says about the lucky points it says have a full score to get a big reward the next time you draw is that saying get 20 lucky points and draw again to get a big reward or explore 2000 and then do a 50 explore draw again to get a big reward

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Sorry, i did read your "question" twice, but didn't understood what's your concern. You get 1 essence every 21 draw. What's the problem?

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You can continue to get spins on the wheel every 50. People stop at 1050 or 2100 because that is the requirement for a golden essense and is still close to the rebate. You can go up to 3150 to get a guaranteed third Golden essence.

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