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[ PVP ] 3v3 Arena


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Okay, I think this is what happened: In the past, 3v3 have had these problems:

- Delay, like half a round to more than a round delay.

- No retreat option

- Teamchat/battlechat bug.

The first 2 might have something to do with players from too many servers being in one match. So what they did to fix that probably leads to this. Not entirely sure it's really the case, I'm just speculating here. But we haven't had any delay thus far, 3v3 is way less buggy than in the past, and there's a retreat option. So I mean if I have to pick between horrible, crappy, laggy 3v3 and the ability to solo queue, OR having to make a team of 3 but smooth 3v3, I'd pick the latter any day of the year.

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