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[ Bugs ] Recent HK Region Bug Report Thread


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Server number : 167

Character name : Borl

UID : 200000082024381

Location of Bug: Spring Season 2019

Bug Description: All progress on Spring Season 2019 reset back to 0, with all medals I had prior to this shown in Honor Box.

Bug Print Screen (most important):




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Server number : S31-Asuma

Character name : samatasui

UID : 200000106735520

Location of Bug: Spring Season

Bug Description: I did nothing but all my points, achievement, everything were reset

Bug Print Screen :

Capture 1Capture 2Capture 3

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Server number : S31-Asuma

Character name : senoku

UID : 200000084730417

Location of Bug: Spring season

Bug Description: All my points, achievement, medals, were rest, 3445 p all gone

Bug Print Screen :


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S844 zico / Account:


Early this today's morning, i logged in, that time server really bad, can't do arena or survival trial, my seasonal rank got reset .

Here are my lost :

- I did open 10 wheels time ( 200 cps ) 8h30 - 9h30 a.m ( server time zone ) and got Minato Edo

- Did 950 cave keys rebate ( i reached 750keys rebate in Thursday already, today do 200 more )

- Lost 180 season tickets and my seasonal rank got reset to 0. From ranking 4 before in my server now im unranked.

And second account

S844 FangZ : ID : / UID : 300022622263981

- Lost seasonal rank , lost almost 250 season tickets ( ranked 5 before )

After the maintaine, 4h00 p.m i log again then everything like reset from the 0 point. There is only ninja exam is counted as i fini* in the morning . Others like Wheel fortune Minato Edo disapeared , cave keys rebate back to 750 ( but i can't see where is my 200 keys i used before ) . My seasonal rank still unranked , my season tickets lost , Rich Field need to do again ( even thought i did it alrd ) Myoboku Trial aswell , claim the monthly card's rewards aswell. It seem like you guys rolled the server then everything i did in today's morning just gone , i'm so disapointed and really upset, i hope you guys can check it for me. There is everything i can give to guys to see, as i said above, i did 10 times for each account ( zico and FangZ ) my points in that event for both accs are 12 points ( 10 wheel today + 2 free on thurs and friday ), now i only can see it counted on both accs are 2 times ( the 10 times today just gone ) .

I'm really thankful , please...

P/s : only maximum 3 pics can be upload, so i have some more pics about sessional rank - cave keys rebate if u guys needed.

Please reply me through . Many thanks.

wheel of fortune zicozico cave keyzico lucky wheel 2 zico cave key 2zico monthly rankzico monthly rank 3zico monthly rank 2 Fangz lucky wheelfangz rank 2fangz rank

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Server number : S26-Kisame
Character name : B00BIT0
UID: 200000082554093

Location of Bug:
(1) Jonin Medal dropped to zero
(2) Season Ranking became unranked
(3) numerous other bugs

Bug Description:
(1) Jonin Medal dropped to zero - before the MT and after the MT, my jonin medal was zero (see image below). this is crazy. I recall I still had some 60+ days left
(2) Season Ranking became unranked - my season ranking disappeared. every trophy/medal i worked for disappeared. I won champion in Space-Time (see image below), and even that disappeared
(3) numerous other bugs - i didnt take photos of these other bugs anymore but they are ALOT;. My TI resetted (as if I didn't do TI during the week); my SA counts resetted too; my myoboku trial resetted too; etc.

Bug Print Screen:
(1) Jonin Medal dropped to zero

2019-05-18 - HK26 ServerBug1

(2) Season Ranking became unranked - all rewards i gained disappeared; and i am left unranked. For example, despite I am space-time champion in our server range, it was as if I didnt gain the reward at all.

2019-05-18 - HK26 ServerBug2

above is proof that i went unranked

2019-05-18 - HK26 ServerBug4

above is proof that i am space-time champion

2019-05-18 - HK26 ServerBug5

above shows that all my trophy/medals disappeared. including the one related to me winning space-time championship


and pls fix all other bugs that I mentioned. this is seriously damaging

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UID: 300068533192730

Server ID: S1249 Attacking Stance

Character name (in-game Name): Pana

Location of Bug: Jounin medal,weekly sun scroll home system rich field ninja exam

Bug Description: i lost 179 day jonin medal and weekly sun scroll ninja exam not reset rich field not reset home not reset wtf2


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Server number : 50

Character name : JackyChan

UID: 200000078710498

Location of Bug: Season System

Bug Description: All points reset

Bug Print Screen (most important):


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UID :200000106606249




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Server number : S414 :Final Trial

Character name : BluesMoon

UID (Facebook account - you can find your UID on the bottom of the Facebook page, Oasis account - go to your profile page and click on your avatar) : 200000101101992

Location of Bug: (where bug was met) Daily Practice , Arena , Mail, Rich Field

Bug Description: (what kind of bug was it? How did you trigger it?) I lose all my weekly sun scrolls, moon scrolls and their bonus activation. New trial ninjas added show everytime after fighting in arena. Most of my mail is gone. As day passed, my rich field is not reset.

Bug Print Screen (most important):





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On 2019-05-18 17:18:24Show this Author Only

Server number : 1141

Character name : kolorijo

UID : 300021278043708

Location of Bug: jonin medal is gone , event season, sun scroll and moon scroll is reset, rich field not reset, ninja exam not reset, and arena ninja trial

Bug Description:- jonin medal idk how much days left but i was buy jonin medal from 5 days after server 1141 realease 2 time buy in same time so i got 1 year jonin medal

-even season spring has reset from zero again, i lose my point and my rank.

-sun scroll and moon scroll has reset and i lose my buff

-rich field not reset

- arena ninja trial always show after fight and show with ridiculus time

-Screenshot_3Screenshot_6Screenshot_2Screenshot_1ninja exam cant reset

Bug Print Screen

sun and moon scroll should not reset yet. SA should not reset yet,,, and my coupon and jonin medal has gone,, i dont remember how long time left my jonin medal active as i know i buy it for 1 year in 5 days after server open.


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Server number : 343 Blade Dance

Character name : FALCON

UID : 200000098154870

Location of Bug: Spring Season

Bug Description: i am no longer in the ranking and mission was reset

Bug Print Screen


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Server number : S367 :Fourth Mizukage

Character name : Lucy17

UID : 200000099220734

Location of Bug: Spring Season,daily mission

Bug Description: Spring Season :i am no longer in the ranking and mission was reset

Daily Mission : Power of moon scroll and Power of sun scroll was reset.
moon and sun scroll become zero

Bug Print Screen


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Server number: S32-Anko

Character name: ≈Azia≈

UID : 200000084888687

Location of Bug: Mailbox, Arena (it seems only here)

Bug Description: Mailbox - previous messages disappeared. Arena - info about new trial ninjas after every fights

Bug Print Screen


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Server number : S128 Teuchi

Character name : HomuraUchiha

UID : 1007844330393911869

Location of Bug: Benefit Hall

Bug Description: i have 130 days of Jonin medal remaining and now is gone.server error0519-2

server error0519-3

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Server: HK S1101

Nickname: demirium

UID: 300063217373755

Location of bug: Daily missions, weekly donation, season results, (monthly card-personal)


refreshed people who onlıne that time not on rank list5

--donatıon hıstory weekly--


--this is personal bug-- i had both monthly card platınum card is removed now :/


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UID: 200000085919371

Server ID: S50 Hidan

Location of bug: General Bug

Description: 1) Server issues caused loss of jonin medal that had around 40 days remaining.

2) Lost of space-time exclusive titleNarutoOnline190518183552

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Server number : S303

Character name : ™WakandaFromPH™

UID: 200000088649416

Location of Bug: Spring Season Rank

Bug Descrip13213tion: (what kind of bug was it? How did you trigger it?) When I log on I was already unranked after maintenance

Bug Print Screen (most important):

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Character name : S1050 - Sora

UID : 300055427709561

Location of Bug: Jonin medal lost , arena , spring event ranking .

Bug Description: i lost my jonin medal before the expired date . It's still have about 2-3 months left . Arena ninjas trial days bug , and it keeps showing up after u finish 1x arena . I'm not on the spring ranked list even tho i got the title already . Please fix this ASAP .

Bug Print Screen (most important):bug 4bug 2bug 1bug 3bug 5

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Character Name: S451-Kurama
Bug Location: Hot Topics
Bug Description: During the bug problem, I spent 6800 coupon in Sakura Gift and bought 3 Command Flags. I had around 23 friendliness left over. After the emergency maintenance, I lost all friendliness and my 6800 spent coupon in Fuku Rebate reset to 0.
Edit: I was going to reach the 8k cp milestone, but if this error is not fixed I don't know if I'll spend. I hope I will be sufficiently compensated for this.

Tasks which I completed during the bug problem, are not showing up in my Summer Memories - Activity.
Bug Print Screen:

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