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First let me tell you guys the root of the problem and after that I will try to explain to you what I think it should be done to resolve it.

Ok. so did it happen to you guys to be so close to obtain a ninja but that ninja has vanished from every redeemable event? In my case that ninja is Kakashi [Susano’o] and from like two moths he is gone from events like Lucky Stars, Sakura Gift, Konoha Great Three, and every other event where u can get him piece by piece. Ok I saw that he appear in that new event Mega Carnival but for me a F2P player and for others in my situation that isn’t a great place where to spend our coupons. Tried with 1k, not even a frag with him. On the other hand we have the mega star Naruto[Sage of Six Path]. Yes, I don’t have him and I am not against those who have him because everyone has the right to choose the team he want to play with and of course the ninjas. But let’s get back to our main problem, as I said we have Naruto[Sage of Six Path] who has been in last two weeks in two redeemable events, last week in Lucky Stars this week in Summer Memories. So my main questions are? Why for some players is so easy to get what they want and for others is so frustrating(I say frustrating because Kakashi was announced in this weekly strong ninja and I expected him in Sakura gift)? And why we are not asked what we want in those events? I know the last question is not entirely true because we have that event feedback. Ok that is something decent to ask us if we like what we got for this week, but why don’t we are asked what we want before the the event has started? Not for every event of course cause this will be madness to ask for different prizes in every event every week. But for some events make a poll with one or two days before the event will start and ask us what we want. Maybe someone want power items or a specific ninja frag or something else. And after that even if I don’t get what I want I will be more happy because I expressed my opinion and the majority won.

So I hope everyone who read this will understand what I mean and if u agree with that lets try to make this possible. Thank you! And I hope you will have a good day!

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It s a very good idea, if you remember i talk to you some time ago and you said you need only 14 frags to get kakashi susanoo.. i say its a good idea because most of the players will be more gratefull for what they get in the events, if all players or most of them want something so give it to them. good day and GOOD LUCK MATE!

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I agree and best of luck getting him :)

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