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dacing capsule: good rates, or garbage rates?


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I'm not sure if i should spend into the capsules. I have 2k coupons, and the madara frags look tempting. I need 44 more, which kinda *s, but I'm desperate. I'm not sure if I should wait or spend.

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not with only 2k cps. The way to do dancing capsules is to increase the odds up to 10% and repeatedly do that. That averages to 500cps per drop of what you want (sometimes better). Myself and a decent number of other folks in my server got edo minato that month he was a 3 frag drop in capsules for about 13-14k, plus all of the other drops which easily totalled up to about the same value in cps (so yes 13-14k value in items plus minato, it was awesome). So here, you're looking at about 7.5k if you want decent odds of getting him finished and not just losing out on tons of items.

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