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[ Help ] introduction animations of the mains


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Hello there! I'm not really sure if I used the right category for this but here is the issue: some time ago there were those really cool animations of the five mains in video format once... on the Chinese server (I guess)? The thing is I once found a YT video with them in medium quality but I lost it >.> So my question is if anyone knows if they are still available somewhere or have the files saved? I mean... I doubt they got rid of them entirely... but still...

Anyway, big thanks for reading through this!

(Also if you're not sure what I'm talking about I can give like... very chaotic descriptions of the color scheme, drawing style and movements of the mains? (like it would help rip))

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Unfortunately no :( There are some pics I've dug up if it helps:



Edit: I've found what I needed on a Thai YT so I guess the search is over! >:3

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