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[ Events ] Event Cycle - May 09th


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HOPE ! :( lucky stars wheel

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1 adv refine in group shop, are you guys *ing serious? i hate stealth nerfs like these, no wonder daiske cowers behind his mods, cant take the heat of critics, give the spot to someone who does a better job, this is why your company and your game is dead pretty much, majority of the servers are empty with only people that are playing for one main reason...they got friends who play with them, if it werent for that, they woulda left the game already. piss off oasis, you're a joke.

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wtf, why there is no Ino Flowers on s.1204?

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Yeah recharged right away and only then realized flowers wasn't even in on my server either. Why is it not in the newer servers if its not X-server ranking? So * that they cut out, not only, end of month arena rewards but also events for us every week and yet we get slammed by level 80+ players in Sage World.

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They release new Ninja Assist Card .. but Commander Flags are still unavailable to 90% of the community cause that is still paywall af .. only 1 flag in Sakura's Gift for 4 months since the feature is available .. like ofc why should they give out the best power system to the masses ..

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you guys was laughing when i said oasis should lose rights to the game so tencent puts another more capable company.....

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What is in the 1st prize: Deluxe Assist Pack*1 (Ino Flower event)?

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