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[ Lineup ] Saske Rinne-Sharingan


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Hi. I wanna share my current line up and ask if u guys have some good saske teams ? proxy

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I don't see the point of JM in that team :/

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well he's there to provide super dmg from bond. I also put in his place itachi susano.

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I'd really change Shisuis position with Minatos and afterwards replace Minato with Anbu Itachi. Sasuke in general is a ninja that works with full buffs or reseting mystery buff mostly. Super solid teams with him can be as well fire main, Edo Itachi and any other supporting ninja, for example Gakido, Sakura Christmas, etc. There are many options to play with him around.

Hope that helps!

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U can try ssk rinne, fire main 2nd pos with seal mystery and skill reset passive, shisui 3rd and mdr founder 4th

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Make JM pos1. Saske is one of worst pos1 ninjas. Might be any use of him in pos2 as meat ball, because oh boii he sure doesn't have any damage or anything else to rely on. JM interruption and his damage makes him one of best in his position.

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proxy (5)

You c*so use this team i'd suggest using sasuke on 4th position and minato on 1st since i use minato myself and in both arena and pvp his damage is insane even without any buffs if you can get him attack and combo treasure tool it'd be great since he'll combo almost everytime and you'll get the reset and it'd suggest not using light mains since he'll be pretty much useless because there are many ninjas who can remove buffs like madara five kage and naruto sosp who is literally EVERYWHERE

proxy (6)

You c*so use this team but only prob will be your main will be the main target but with mirror the debuffs will be removed so it won't be much of a problem it's pretty good against sosp teams since when he uses his mystery he uses immobile chase which gets reflected back on one of the team mates and cancels the combo but it doesn't work always because they can have edo minato or immune ninjas and with madara you can spam all 3 attackers in round 2

Btw you c*so use guy instead of minato gate of shock 1 he's really good ninja as well with high damage and intrupption and he surpasses super armor as well but i'd suggest using him only if you have high initative if not sitck with minato jonin

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