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2.2 the things it’s afraid of, immunity of chase attack,


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About the immunity of chase attack, this is really a strong passive that almost every ninja who get this passive is useful. For the water main super shark bomb team, as I already talked about in the las t essay, the super shark bomb team is not good at damage, but control, in the same power, super shark bomb can beat the enemy who can be control by the critical chaos, for with the same power we should have the same critical hit number, which means I have a much more lower rate to cause critical hit by the super shark bomb.

Also, without all the chase attack, we only cause the damage by the madara and kurenai’s attack and also the super shark bomb, of course it’s really not enough.

So this part is the really easy part to understand, and I also do not want to talk too much about this. So, here I get a list about all the ninjas who is immunity of chase attack.


about the ginkaku, he can get the immunity of chase attack after skill breakthrough.

that's all for this part, thanks.

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