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[ Lineup ] Kimono Shisui


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Will he be any good? He looks decent but I'm not sure. Any lineups with fire main?

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He has pretty interesting kit giving himself initiative buff every time he chases but So far what i have heard that his Dmg isnt that good in mystery but thats what you get self scaling/cd reducing ninja, So i see him more of pos 2 ninja (can work pos1).

Teams what i see most fit for him are from pos 1-3 for fire main Kurama naruto/Kimono shisui (final spot buff or heal ninja its your choise) summon Dog of hell

Kimono Sasuke with kimono Shisui and ofc fire main and something Pos 4 your choose (summon Dog of hell or Kirin)

6p naruto with shisui and fire main and summon Dog Of hell (full chase from 6p narutos mystery and Shisuis mystery and standart triggers his chase twice so he gets that reset.

kimono naruto shisui and fire main Kirin or Dog of hell

Kushina Habanero with shisui Summon rhino (team gets better with Kushina Sb of double chase)

And one for Shisui pos 1. Shisui. Edo itachi fire main summon flood dragon pos 4 is your choose take what you see fit like in other teams. (weak of defensive side and in dmg)

Other team what could work but might not

Kushina Habanero . Shisui and Edo itachi with fire main and summon Serpent.

These teams might work or not. Not really team builder but these seems most interesting and giving shisui full advantage of his passive.

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