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[ Lineup ] Team Help Please


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Hi guys I'm looking for some advice for making a team for any main as well as any advice for which ninjas to aim for in the near future. Thanks in advance for any help you can give :)

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You c*e this lineup till you get some better ninjas

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It'd be better if you can get konan breakthrough.

And I'll suggest to saves for ninjas like Sage of six paths naruto, Jonin minato, Madara(five kage summit) or Edo hiruzen

and also spend your scrolls in gnw treasure or wait for limited jinju treasure and spend in it to get edo han or roshi they are pretty good especially edo han with his crazy damage

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Since you are also close to upgrade Sasuke towards 3*, you could do that as well. He's really solid with his combo links and will cause some additional debuffs as well. Some additional ideas of line up building could be any of the mains as position one, example :
Hinata got taunt, she'll block attacks and she's also really tanky in general. You got some buffs as well here and that gives some solid damage overall. You should try and piece together Kurenai slowly, she's a really awesome support that will always be helpful to you having her in your roster.

Mostly I'm suggesting water main as position one till you acquire some ninjas and that's because she drains all the chakra and also can cause Chaos to the full team as well. Here's a lineup with her too :

You can replace Itachi with Gaara as well if you want. Water main can work with almost every ninja at the start, that's why she's really good early game. The same goes with the fire main, he can be very solid at the start as well. An example team with him could be the same as with the water main.

Some additional teams and more clarifications about mains, I did write a small guide long time ago:

As Aditya said, focusing towards Six Paths Naruto is actually the best option, since he's a ninja that will help you to go really far in all the modes. In exams, in pvp, etc, he'll be super useful and worth the saving and additionally, it's really easy to build a team with him. You already got Killerbee as I see, which is really awesome. He does cost around give or take 20000 coupons/ingots. After that, you could go for Edo Itachi, he is a great supporting character and very useful nowadays everywhere.

As what goes with the ninjas which can be collected for free, from the instances, try to skill break Kurenai and Gaara, they're both gonna be super solid.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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