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Hey guys. What're the best options for spending the moon and sun scrolls.

As a water main what chest should I go for?

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Generally, after maxing out battle armor and getting to like medium threads, the best option for moon scrolls is to just go for purely cave keys and maybe just have a reserve of 20k or so if you ever need something like chimes, Myoboku gifts, or experimental vials.

Sun scrolls should be used only for advanced refines or charm packs, personally I like the advanced refines but sorta depends on you.

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For me, right after opening Moon Shop and having Cave Keys available, get Cave Keys and only Cave Keys .. Medium Threads/Medium Refines drops everywhere and it is available for redeem in Monthly Event .. For Sun Scrolls, always Advance Refines or Charms, you c*so opt to get some some Bond Element Scrolls but in my opinion, its only needed to get if you are planning to have Minato Jonin's bond skill or someone ..

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You should try go for Cave key when the event have cave key rebate,it gives you gold essence.

Which give you more survivability.

Golden Rope tools(Injury-decrease critical damage/Deal more Crit dmg to player+Critical-Lesser chance of crit by player/Higher chance of crit-ing player).

Cave key would be one of the best choice from moon coin

Of course if you feel you need to upgrade other power-up system such as Ninja card/Myoboku just go for it.

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depends on what page in mt myoboku culitvation you are.

first 8 pages of that feature grant a ton of power, so imho, myoboku gifts in that case has not to be undervalued.

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well if u like spend only on moyoboku and keys........buying out all moyoboku its easy...its 15 per day=3k moon spend on buying those for like 3-4 months straight........... page 14...280 moyoboku per upgrade...each upgrade 150- 200bp rise..

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