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[ Character ] Naruto Online x Devil May Cry?


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  • Tiami On 2019-05-02 21:19:37
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I can't wait to see that

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  • Tiami On 2019-05-04 05:47:46
  • @Tayuya- great job! Especially for that short time- my sketches sometimes takes few hours~

    And here goes mine- kinda rough sketch outline, without shading, 'cause when I will find time- I will color it.

    I must say it was fun to draw because I love DMC and it's characters- played all the games (yet to get 5th~) and I love these two- also had the same idea some time ago but never actually sit down to make it real- BUT HERE IT IS NOW, enjoy luvs


    Keep on being creative, guys!


It looks Amazing

I'm really curious how will they look like in colour

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