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[ Group ] TheFlash (S1029 Gallant Rasengan) recruit new members


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Hi, Im CRIMSON WASP from Europe S1037 Earth Prison. Our servers merged. We still need players!

Our group TheFlash (S1029 Gallant Rasengan) are recruiting new group members!

We might not talk much, but we help our group members with Ti, SA, Wanted and bonds. We like to fight in GNW.

If you are the same - friendly, helping and speak English too - join us, we are waiting for you!

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Information torch is given, please share it further! Let the Ranking/group list do not deceive you. There are many groups, but active are only two TheFlash and Dark Side. If group always win, they dont know what it is to suffer a lose. Give us a chance! Share the news or come and join! Lets play together! Have fun together!

Are there players here who want to change the too quiet and ignoring relationships on our merged server?

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