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[ Lineup ] Minato [Edo Tensei] assist li<x>nks barrier lineups


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Hey guys!




To get this new skill you will need Edo Hiruzen, Edo Tobirama and Edo Hashirama cards used on Edo Minato in assist links feature (4th ninja can be random, and of course overall level 25 of the cards)

So it requires quite a bit of expensive ninjas

The barrier is really amazing since it can counter any kind of blitz pretty much because it prevents chakra gain and also gives 100% def/res

However there is a big problem here, the fact that it's very easy to counter this barrier with using 5 Kage Madara, Shark Kisame or just simply having more overall initiative and getting your own auto-barrier

The main problem with Edo Minato in general is his 3 rounds cooldown mystery, otherwise he is a great ninja (a lot of ninja tags = easy to buff, un-dodgeable interrupt mystery, dodge, immunity, scaling chase)

1. Wind Main



If you are confident that you won't lose the barrier in this team then replace the chakra gain passive from Wind Main because it won't work while Edo Minato barrier is active

There are also choices of using sage mode or flower guard

2. Wind Main 2



Again, feel free to use clones or some other passive instead of chakra gain one here

Killer Bee is great here since he buffs both Kushina and Minato

3. Wind Main 3



Edo Sasori one of the best support ninjas because of his revive and rebuff

Just a problem with this team is the lack of immobile/control chase

4. Earth Main



Don't use Gaara barrier while you have Edo Minato barrier :P

There are some nice replacements also as position2 such as Edo Tobirama/Hashirama, or you can put 6 Paths Naruto in pos1 and Edo Minato in pos2

5. Water Main



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does the team edo minato naruto6p and edo hashirama work without edo minatos barrier?

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  • DEmON SLAYER On 2019-10-13 21:08:29
  • proxy

will it make sense to put it 2 positions if is no bond barrier?

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ICE* brother which is strongest ninja Edo Minato,Naruto 6p, Kimimaro Jackson or Kushina Red Habenero???

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ICE* does the kimimaro barrier work with edo minato barrier in one lineup or its wasting barriers ?

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That's just wasting barriers

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