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[ Character ] New Ninja Collection! [6.0 Preliminary Event] - Contest Results


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Thank you so much to all of you that participated in this contest. It was absolutely amazing see all of your ideas. So many people shared their talents with us! There are many talented people here and I’m so glad you all shared your imagination!

On top of that, a big thanks for those of you that participated in the surveys, regardless of whether you participated in the event directly! We received over 1,200 responses in the survey! I have my own favorites, but the people have spoken and the winners have been decided!



Without further ado, these are the winners:

Contest Winners:

1. DaddySasuke, with a Guy [Gate of Death] entry. They received an average score of 4.29/5, and 569 votes for 5/5.

2. PuppeyHattake, with a Madara [Edo Tensei] entry. They received an average score of 3.94/5, wiith 432 votes for 5/5.

3Raijin雷神, with a Sasuke [Adult] entry. They received an average score of 3.93/5, with 429 votes for 5/5.



Those of you who did not win, please be sure to participate next time. Some works were so amazingly creative and unique!

Everybody who participated and followed the rules will receive a small gift! Please keep an eye on your inbox over the next few weeks!

Best Regards,

Naruto OnlineTeam

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