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[ Suggestions ] Please ban this leader


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Only 1 group active and this leader *kk kick me again again again again again i feel down to continue play, oasis please ban

S.O.S this guy are leader bully me

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I don't believe it is against the rules to kick another player from a group, however if you have proof of bullying post it in the misbehavior *y post.


Read and follow the format otherwise they may not take action.

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There was a player once who refuse to cooperate in GNW,and was repeatedly kick from group every time he come back.So whats your story,why he dont want you in his group?

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There may be a reason for the kicks. Like, power. Ask'em

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It extremely depends on the situation.

If the leader is misbehaving in the sense of talking bad about you, insulting, verbally showing malice then yes, we can do something about it and you should report it to the misbehavior thread. However, if it's just kicking from the group? No. We're unable to do anything in that retrospect as it's the leaders right.

Hope that helps

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