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[ Ninja Profile ] attribute while changing charecter


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long time i got this question in mind so i decided to ask and i hope some1 can answer,

lets say i start with a wind character (breeze dancer) and i uprise her main attribute as ninjutsu i invest magmas firstly on ninjutsu and use mood to increase ninjutsu.

and then i decide to change the main character to lightning and to change the main attribute to attack.

there is a chance that the attack attribute will be "damaged" because i started building nin 1st?

lets say on the 10 1st levels as wind u get more 10 nin every level and 5 atk when i will change the character the game will change retro the uprisen nin and atk as a lightning main?

tnx to all those who can anwer this question and i hope some game modifier could help clear that out ^_^

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It's not wrong to invest towards your ninjutsu more than attack, since nowadays many of the ninjas are mostly based on their ninjutsu. Nope, it won't be ''damaged'' and many of the ninjas, including the mains have mixed damage as well. If you decide for example to use lightning main, you won't have any issues with it. The same goes with the other ninjas that may have mixed damage. So do not worry!

Hope that helps!

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