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[ Events ] I want your opinion on this - New Ninja collection Event


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Do you think this is good ?? I wanted an entire field healer with immunity and as a 1st position ninja. So I made this one.

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  • goalie720 On 2019-04-21 13:04:32
  • The issue is you're trying to do too much with one ninja. Something with that much going for it won't get made. I would say pick two of the three things you've said (entire field healer, immune, 1st position damage dealer). Since we've got plenty of ninjas that do the last two (6p, edo minato, kurama, etc.) it might be more interesting to see like an immune field healer, or a field healer that can deal out serious damage without immunity (like 5th hokage should have been imo).

Thanks for the reply

I add more stuff on her skill because if you see new ninjas released in china now a days, has lots of crazy things. they got some great skills that is not present in current ninjas. So, I wanted that she can be a future ninja that can counter them and also can be 1st pos ninja.

Also the main motivation behind this is -

"Tsunade has decreed that only medical-nin who have mastered Ninja Art Creation Rebirth — Strength of a Hundred Technique are permitted to break the first three rules that govern their role on the battlefield — which effectively prohibit their direct involvement in any conflict — that she herself established. This makes herself and her student, Sakura, the only ones allowed to break these rules."

So a complete healer ninja who has everything that a medical-nin needed on battlefield, just like they give current naruto six path almost everything.

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  • Steve Carry On 2019-04-21 14:03:48
  • 1. Tai-nin heavy damage, interrupt, buff removal, undodgeable, ignore def, splash damage.

    2. 40% max health summons that gives strong poison and steal 20 chakra.

    3. Undodgeable self-chase that suppress immunity, increase enemy's mystery CD by 2 rounds and steal 20 chakra.

    4. Debuff removal and heals all units in the entire field, twice. And revival.

    5. 5% self heal, scaling, and permanent immunity.

    Not good enough, you might wanna give her dodge and super armor too. And bond mystery with rinne sasuke and sosp, that seals a ninja out of the game.

Haha good point. I can can add them later for her breakthrough in future.

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  • momohiu On 2019-04-21 23:52:32
  • A ninja who is immune and can heal is waaayyy too op. She is going to destroy the balance of this game. For those of you who want to mention sage Kabuto, remember that he gets his immunity after using his mystery.

When the game is already dis-balanced with some over powered ninjas who can win the game for you on his own even at same bp, then one more similar ninja won't do much to the game. It will only counter those other crazy ninjas teams.

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